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With the PSD2 revisions under way and the SCA mandates about to go live, biometric authentication is becoming a hot topic in the European society. But even though Mastercard has finished developing the tools necessary to comply with the new payment industry standard – ID Check being the most important one – the supporting consumer-facing communication frameworks to educate & carry the innovation message are yet to be developed. 

How can we send a clear and impactful message to consumers about the new biometric safety & security tools while it’s still hot news? Mastercard, as innovative technology company, raised quick awareness about biometrics by creating
a series of portraits using a unique technique - fingerprints. Highlighting the benefits of face recognition and fingerprints payments through a unique art form of precision, we positioned Mastercard as a technological leader in the payments industry. 

By connecting the two most sophisticated payment methods - the fingerprint and the face recognition - Mastercard offers its customers the safest way to pay. This project explained to people that they should not mistrust the new technologies, through a unique exhibition, featuring portraits made only with fingerprints. 

We invited a renowned artist (Jan Petrov) to paint portraits using only fingerprints and exhibit them at the Authentication & Biometry press conference. The audience witnessed how the artist crafted such a portrait, live. We auction the portraits, this way everyone could buy the exhibited artworks with face recognition payment.

Mastercard ID Check. Now you can use both Touch ID and Face ID for more security.

Advertising Agency: McCann, Prague, Czech Republic

President Creative Europe: Adrian Botan
Global ECD: Adrian Botan
Chief Creative Officer: Razvan Capanescu
Executive Creative Director: Roy Cohen
Senior Creative: Hetu Negri, Juan Peirano
Group Creative Director: Klára Palmer
Art Director: Ondřej Kroupa, Otakar Čihák
Copywriter: Adam RoučkaR
Painter: Jan Petrov
Artist: Jan Petrov
Senior Account Manager: Rūta Bučiūnaitė
Account Director: Radka Bušová
Account Manager: Monika Semerádová
Creative Excellence Manager Europe: Carmen Bistrian
Pr Communication Manager: Alice Reindlová
Dtp: Benjamin Mulderer
Agency Producers: Kamila Tehranian, Antonín Milata (Renegadz)
Movie Director: Ondřej Urbanec

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