Halloween is the perfect moment to take the weight out of a serious topic

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In Belgium, more than 1.500 patients are currently waiting for a transplant. Each donor can save up to 8 lives. The non-profit organization Re-born To Be Alive encourages Belgians to become organ donors and asked Publicis Groupe for help. Even though Belgians are automatically considered organ donors, lots of families opt out when asked after seeing their loved one pass away. Unless the victim gave explicit permission before their passing. 

We all love to be scared to death, especially during Halloween when death is celebrated. Making this the perfect moment to break the taboo surrounding death and organ donation. Because if you are ready to be scared to death, you may as well register as an organ donor before you die.

During several Halloween events at Plopsaland De Panne theme parks, Kinepolis movie theatres and Virtual Factory VR gaming centers, Death showed up. In a lighthearted and humorous way, Death tried to convince people to register as organ donors before dying of fear on a roller coaster, during a horror movie or a virtual zombie game. Those who registered as organ donors received a free session or game. Or they could even die of fear faster thanks to a special pass.

A video of the action was shared on social networks, to scare even more people and convince them to become organ donors as well. Re-born To Be Alive will repeat this action next Halloween and the ones to come.

Scare you next year!

Halloween is the perfect moment to take the weight out of a dead-serious topic; organ
donation. That’s exactly what we did: we scared people to death, but not before asking them to
sign up to become organ donors.


Client: Re-born To Be Alive vzw, Raymond Van Ryckel
Agency: Publicis Groupe Benelux
CCO: Eduardo Marques
ECD: Mathieu Cardon
Creatives: Bill Bilquin & Sebastien Stevens
Brand & Campaign Strategist: Nicolas Vergauwen
Account Director: Allen Marchant
Production Coordinator: Saartje Goris
Print Producer: Marleen Hemeleers
Moving Images Lead: Marc Van Buggenhout
Moving Images Producer: Daan Feytongs
DTP: Thierry Staes
Sound Lead: Tom Garcia
Sound Producer: Sarah Tanghe
Sound Engineer: Mathias Lewis
Video Editor: Mohamed Nafaa
DOP: Bas Van Hoof
DOP: Filip Hellings

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