Hasbro brings celebrities to animated life for NERF House X

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Hasbro, Inc. brings celebrities to animated life for the high-octane NERF House sequel, NERF House X, starring athletes--and their animated doppelgangers--Julian Edelman, Klay Thompson and Sky Brown, musician Diplo and renowned chef Guy Fieri. Try and spot Power Rangers and Transformers cameos too! 

Out of agency Superdigital, animation from Alkemy X director Rupert Cresswell is paired with live-action by Edelman’s Coast Productions, bringing the heat as each star opens the door into their own adventure within NERF House. Just don’t forget to reload between episodes.

Alkemy X and Cresswell harken to hyperactive Saturday morning cartoons in their 2D cel shaded approach, building custom worlds ranging from Diplo’s eighties-era digital motifs to Fieri’s food-filled Flavortown, with input from each celebrity. Blasting against each other with cartoon humor hijinks, the stars jump into this epic animated and gamified battle and embrace all things NERF. 

Client: Nerf

Production Company: Coast Productions LLC

Agency: Superdigital

Animation, Editorial & Finishing Company: Alkemy X

Alkemy X Executive Producer: Eve Ehrich

Alkemy X Creative Director: Rupert Cresswell

Alkemy X Producer: Catherine M. Fischer

Alkemy X Animation Supervisor: Mike Parker 

Alkemy X Production Coordinator: Nicole Marines

Alkemy X Editors: Brad Turner and Dave Bradley

Alkemy X Designers: Anuj Shrestha, Deo Pangandoyon, Kim Dulaney, Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Olivier Silven

Alkemy X Storyboard Artists: David Hillman and Ed Traquino

Alkemy X Sound Design & Mixing: Mike Taylor

Alkemy X Colorist: Janet Falcon

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