Hermès "Objects for Interior Life"

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Six years after it was founded, Birth, has consolidated its vision and approach as a leading creative production house in Paris & London.

The Birth method has found a particular resonance in the dialogue with luxury and beauty brands by privileging an open, enthusiastic connection between artists, photographers and directors with diverse backgrounds and creative teams in search of new collaborations.

Birth LX is our new department dedicated to luxury and beauty brands and which will be managed by a team of 5 people, with producer Yohan Ungar at the helm.

Yohan Ungar has been Hugo Legrand Nathan's partner since the beginning of the Birth adventure, first as director and now executive producer. He initiated the opening of the London office, signing renowned collaborations with artists such as David Sims and Christopher Anderson, and has produced films for renowned luxury brands such as Hermes, Armani Beauty, Alexander Wang or Adidas.

To date, the Birth roster is organized around its directors, photographers and multi-media artists whose career paths break with industry standards and change the paradigm of the profession. What unites this diverse team is a shared sensibility when it comes to their approach to subjects, in an intelligent and artistic manner, and always connected with the issues and values of the moment.


Christopher Anderson

Dan Beleiu

Francesco Carrozzini

Jan Gleie

Luke & Nik

Matvey Fiks

Robert Broadhurst

Temple Caché

Andrew Dosunmu

Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones

Zhang + Knight

Hermès – Objects for interior life

To officially launch this luxury department, we created a campaign for Hermès, released internationally on September 29th, with the unique vision of Christopher Anderson.

Christopher, in collaboration with Publicis & Nous Creative Director Fabien Mouillard, took the collection to a new level with this hypnotic film. Here, the objects enchant us, nourish our dreams, and emotions with added soul.

This project, which was shot this past June in some of the most exceptional sites of the French region of Brittany, is a testament to Hermès’s confidence in Birth and the new department’s "made in France" savoir-faire.



Producer_ Yohan UNGAR

CEO and founder_ Hugo LEGRAND-NATHAN

Line producer_ Erwan COLLAS

Production Coordinator_ Elina ROUXEL



Director_ Christopher ANDERSON


CLIENT_ Hermès

Client_ Chantal AGOSTINI

Client_ Vincent VIARD


Creative Director_ Fabien MOUILLARD

Artistic Director_ Sébastien MASSE

Producer of the agency_ Hélène GASPARINI

Account_ Florian GARES

Head of Communication_ Charlotte David


Editor_ Alice Moine

Post Home_ Company

Post Producer_ Mirza Morgan

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