Philips: You Need to Hear This Table

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Sure iPods are great, but they've always had one flaw, you can't rest your pint on one. As part of their new urban headphones campaign, 'You Need To Hear This," Philips unveiled tables you need to hear. Pub goers across east London got a chance to listen to trending music curated specifically for the neighbourhood they were in just by plugging their headphones into bespoke tables.

Each table featured hand illustrated typography and iconography inspired by its neighbourhood - all prompting people to plug their headphones directly into the table (Philips headphones were provided by the bar). The surfaces were entirely handmade using three types of wood: American oak, fumed oak and maple and each used a range of techniques including marquetry, laser etching, wood burning and hand distressing.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather London, UK

Brixton Table Illustrator: Ged Palmer
Hackney Table Typographers / Illustrators: Alison Carmichael, Steve Bonner
Shoreditch Table Illustrator: Mateusz Witczak / Production Company: Physical Pixels
Copywriter: Chris Joakim / Art Director: Mike Donaghey / Planner: Mattijs Devroedt
Account leads: Olivia Rzepczynski, AJ Coyne / Creative Directors: Gerry Human, Ivan Pols