A Childish Letter

Video advertising:

The Foundation for Queen Silvia Children's Hospital raises funds for toys, healing gardens and activities for the 500,000 children who stay at the hospital every year.
Our objective was to contact previous and future donors by mail, asking for a small donation.

To illustrate the need for toys, we didn't mail the letters
directly. Instead, we gave them to the children in the hospital and asked them to play with them. After the detour, we sent them on to the right addresses.

As every letter had been a plaything for a few hours,
it became a unique and physical reminder of the fact that
children need to be children, even when they're in the hospital.

Donations to the foundation increased by 320%
compared to the year before, and the campaign resulted in hundreds of new donors.

Advertising Agency: Milk Reklambyrå, Sweden

Copywriters: Rasmus Andersson, Anders Holmström, Torkel Norling
Art Directors: Peter Eriksson, Gunnar Skarland / Digital creative: Axel Tagg