Reality Display in Sony Xperia Z

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Advertising Agency: King Edward Filmproduktion, Malmoe, Sweden

Director: Henrik Holmqvist / Producer: Carl Schonebohm / DOP: Jacob Viit Kusk / VFX Supervisor: Jorgen Persson / Editor: Pal Callmer

"BRAVIA® engineers have discovered that we remember colours more vividly than they really are - and we want our photos to replicate the colours in the memories we cherish.
So, we developed the Reality Display in Xperia Z to close the colour gap between memory and the way things appear in real life.

We feel it is important that you lose yourself in your stories, so we designed Xperia Z to be so seamless and smooth that it almost disappears, blending with your life and environment.
The human body notices the tiniest imperfections, so attention to detail is important to everything we do. From the power button to the screen, the way a smartphone looks and feels must be flawless. That's why we crafted Xperia Z with delicate precision. "