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Burger King TV / Film ads

Burger King "Chocolate Whopper"

The Chocolate Whopper® is a special version of the brand’s most iconic burger. Coming soon. Maybe. see more →

Glenlivet TV / Film ads

Glenlivet "Flowers Wilt Whisky Won't"

Flowers Wilt Whisky Won't Client: Glenlivet The Glenlivet is taking the single malt category to a...see more →

São Cosmetics TV / Film ads

São Cosmetics "Flor de Toloache"

São spotlights musician Shae Fiol--co-founder of the Latin Grammy-winning all-women mariachi band...see more →

Kelly Clarkson TV / Film ads

Kelly Clarkson - Broken & Beautiful

Atlantic Records, in partnership with STX Films, has launched the official video companion to Kelly...see more →

PETA advertisement
PETA Print ads

PETA: "No animal was harmed while eating this"

No animal was harmed while eating this. Go Vegan. Client: Peta Art Director: Tejas Phansekar...see more →

If it is bad for the planet, it is bad for you.
National Geographic Print ads

National Geographic: "If it is bad for the planet, it is bad for you."

If it is bad for the planet, it is bad for you. Advertising Agency: National Geographic...see more →

NZ Transport Agency presents "Belt up, live on"
NZ Transport Agency Outdoor ads

NZ Transport Agency presents "Belt up, live on"

New Zealand authorities have recently launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of...see more →

3D Animals
Foundation Tier im Recht Print ads

Foundation Tier im Recht: "3D Animals"

No animal takes pleasure in suffering. CGI: Carioca Studio see more →

Givenchy TV / Film ads

Givenchy "L'Interdit"

Unveiling the new L’Interdit fragrance campaign video by Todd Haynes starring Rooney Mara. The film...see more →

Indomie Noodles: "Flavor of Love"
Indomie Noodles Print ads

Indomie Noodles: "Flavor of Love"

Indomie has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1970's. Our noodles are made from...see more →

Scotch & Soda Outdoor ads

Scotch & Soda: "Whatever, Weather!"

Creative Directors / Art Directors: Fleur van Maarschalkerwaart, Bas Manders Photographer: Bart...see more →

Quicken Loans TV / Film ads

Quicken Loans: Keegan Michael Key Play Translators

Watch our 2018 Super Bowl commercial to see how Keegan-Michael Key and Rocket Mortgage are...see more →

Skittles TV / Film ads

David Schwimmer in Skittles Super Bowl Ads

1. David Schwimmer feels like a tiny third wheel in this possible scene from the Skittles Super...see more →

Univeritas: "At distance is better"
Univeritas Print ads

Univeritas: "At distance is better"

At distance is better Univeritas distance education. Transforming your future. Creative Director...see more →

City of Los Angeles is now hiring Graphics Designer
City of Los Angeles Online ads

City of Los Angeles is now hiring Graphics Designer-goes viral

Graphics Designer job ad goes viral. A humorous but sensational job advertisement by the city of...see more →

Givenchy TV / Film ads

Givenchy "The New Gentleman"

Credits: Production Company: Hey Wonderful Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson Founder: Michael Di...see more →

Nivea: "Nivea sunscreen waterproof."
NIVEA Print ads

Nivea: "Nivea sunscreen waterproof."

Nivea sunscreen waterproof. Client: Nivea Creative Directors: Cássio Guiot, Allyson Guiot Art...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Galaxy S7: Time

Time can fly, slip away, or run out, and once it's gone you never get it back. So if time matters...see more →

Kate Spade Online ads

Kate Spade: #MissAdventure

Production Company: Caviar Executive Producer: Gelya Robb Director: Mari Heller Editorial Company:...see more →

Heinz TV / Film ads

Heinz: Mr Peri Peri

Looking for a safe Chilli taste adventure for your meals, never fear, Mr Peri Peri is here....see more →

Volkswagen ads
Volkswagen Print ads

Volkswagen Genuine Parts: Would it be the same?

In line with previous campaigns, the message is: to use fake (not original) parts spoils your...see more →

Jeep TV / Film ads

Jeep Renegade: Beautiful Lands

From the streets of New York City to the outback of Australia, follow the Jeep Renegade...see more →

Paramount TV / Film ads

Paramount: Terminator Genisys

He's back. Watch the new Terminator Genisys big game spot starring Arnold Schwarzenegger....see more →

McDonald's TV / Film ads

McDonald's: Pay With Lovin

Through February 14, McDonald’s will randomly select customers to Pay With Lovin’. McDonald...see more →

Sky Ambient ads

SKY: Polar Bear Roams London

An 8 ft long, fully animated ‘adult male polar bear’ was unleashed on the freezing streets of...see more →

Victoria's Secret TV / Film ads

Victoria's Secret: Let The Real Games Begin

Victoria’s Secret has debuted its supermodel-filled Super Bowl commercial. The ad campaign features...see more →

Similac Online ads

Similac: The Mother 'Hood

There’s something going down on the playground. Don’t they know that everyone has their own way of...see more →

Vogue TV / Film ads

Vogue: Just a Minute

When you say, “Just a minute,” what do you really mean? In this original...see more →

Mortein print ads
Mortein Print ads

Mortein: mosquitoes, cockroaches and rodents

Introduction: Due to ever increasing global heat, the modern environment has become a very...see more →

Freshpet Online ads

Freshpet: 13 Dogs and 1 Cat

Everyone! We would LOVE to see your pets and will be giving out some special prizes! If your pet...see more →

Vogue Online ads

Vogue: a Completely Normal Life

Now that she's a mother of a two-year-old, the "Foxcatcher" actress who once made tabloid headlines...see more →

Pepe Jeans print ads
Pepe Jeans Print ads

Pepe Jeans: celebrate the 40th anniversary

Worldwide campaign for Pepe Jeans to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand's...see more →

MINI Knightsbridge
Mini Print ads

MINI Knightsbridge: a top speed of 205 km/h

The Knightsbridge comes standard with a panoramic glass sunroof, a top speed of...see more →

National Geographic TV / Film ads

National Geographic celebrate upcoming of smart and entertaining shows

To celebrate our upcoming lineup of smart and entertaining shows, we found inspiration in American...see more →

Budweiser TV / Film ads

Budweiser: Friends Are Waiting

Production Company: TPSC Entertainment Director: Gus Black / Executive Producer: John Noble / ...see more →

Oreo print ads
Oreo Print ads

OREO: the stuff that makes two halves, one whole

America's favorite cookie is celebrating the stuff that makes two halves, one whole. Art Director:...see more →

Wix Online ads

Wix: The Story Behind My Cupcake Website

Stalkers, ghosts and psychos are scary. Creating your website isn't! Client: see more →

WWF print ads
WWF Print ads

WWF: We live where someday they lived.

We live where someday they lived. Creative:Felipe Mambuscay Additional Credits:Leonardo Botero, ...see more →

WWF print ads
WWF Print ads

WWF: Be a responsible tourist

Time is running out for them, not for plastic. Be a responsible tourist. Get involved today. Art...see more →

WWF print ads
WWF Print ads

WWF: protect feline species

"The Caspian Tiger has disappeared, protect feline species. The Cougar has disappeared, protect...see more →