Adidas "Infinite Play"

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Trade Adidas gear in. Don’t throw it out. Get rewarded and together we keep it out of waste.

The campaign reflects the brand's desire to be respectful of the environment. Adidas has provided $ 1 million in funding to Stuffstr startup, which aims to help all major brands to offer recovery programs. In addition, the sportswear giant is committed to no longer use plastic components in its products and packaging by 2024.

In order to make a product return of a new kind, users of the "Infinite Play" service will have to indicate the details of the clothing on the site or application of Adidas. Customers will then have the opportunity to order new goods of an amount equivalent to their return (minimum 23 €).

As climate change becomes an increasingly urgent issue for the public, brands that do not act quickly to reduce their carbon footprint risk being left behind. One study found that 75% of consumers surveyed believe that CSR is important or extremely important, and more than a third report that they have already moved from their favorite brand to another because credibly represents positive environmental or social practices.

"We want to rethink and share responsibility in the same way that we treat objects once we are done with them," Adidas said in a statement.

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