Clothing & Footwear Advertisements

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Napapijri TV / Film ads

Napapijri "Choose Future"

Design, sustainability and innovation come together in this campaign that unites the past and the...see more →

Jules TV / Film ads

Jules "Air in progress"

In 2018, Air won the budget of the French menswear brand, Jules (Mulliez Group), after a...see more →

Etsy TV / Film ads

Etsy "Gift Like You Mean It"

From faraway family to new gathering nerves, Etsy imagines all holiday scenarios in a caring new...see more →

AIGLE "Fashion to Love Longer"
AIGLE TV / Film ads

AIGLE "Fashion to Love Longer"

Fashion to Love Longer The moving promise from AIGLE and ROSAPARK Jumping...see more →

Nike "Share The Pain"
Nike Print ads

Nike "Share The Pain"

With the Power of Nike’s Just do it campaign we can share the importance of mental health with our...see more →

Adidas Online ads

Adidas "This is family" by iris

Iris has released a new launch film for Adidas x Arsenal’s third...see more →

ZOYA "Make Your Choice"
ZOYA Print ads

ZOYA "Make Your Choice"

Nowadays, freedom of expression is celebrated and diversity is embraced. But we know that there are...see more →

Adidas TV / Film ads

Adidas "Adidas 50/50" idols, inspirations, and stars

According to a study, over 40% of girls quit sports during their teenage years. Although this...see more →

Desi Belle
Desi Belle Print ads

Desi Belle "Break boundaries. Be free"

This print advertising campaign was designed to depict the bohemian, free-spirited women of today....see more →

Diesel TV / Film ads

Diesel "Francesca" by Publicis Italy

In its new 1 minute 57 advertising spot entitled "Francesca" and directed by François Rousselet,...see more →

The North Face Online ads

The North Face "Voice of Exploration"

Our beliefs are formed by what we see and hear around us, and in the great outdoors while one...see more →

The North Face TV / Film ads

The North Face "Change The Face Of It"

Panty Wall. Smell Of A Fat Chick. Girlfriend Skiing. Lady Wildcats. These are not just some random...see more →

GQ Limited Distance Edition
GQ Apparel Ambient ads

GQ Limited Distance Edition: A collection to fight COVID-19 by Rabbit Digital Group

GQ Limited Distance Edition: A collection to fight COVID-19 with more accurate...see more →

Bonds "Out Now"
Bonds Print ads

Bonds "OUT NOW" the joy of being out

Leo Burnett senior creative Ellie Dunn (out 12 years) says: "I’m lucky to live in a country where I...see more →

Adidas TV / Film ads

Adidas "David Beckham: My Unfair Advantage"

“Who knows. I might not have had the career I had if it hadn’t happened” David Beckham opens up on...see more →

Nike Integrated ads

Nike "Space Hippie" Sneakers made from trash

We are in the recycling era and the Nike brand has understood this. The company has decided to...see more →

Adidas TV / Film ads

Adidas & Foot Locker "Cities Made To Create"

84.Paris launches "Cities Made To Create" to promote CHILE 20, the exclusive...see more →

PUMA TV / Film ads

Puma "Be the Spark" by LaFourmi

Advertising Agency: LaFourmi, France "The SPARK PACK is for the...see more →

Crocs "Comfort Knows No Companion"
Crocs Print ads

Crocs "Comfort Knows No Companion"

Title: Comfort Knows No Companion School: Miami Ad School San Francisco  Art...see more →

Bianco TV / Film ads

Bianco "The Lift"

In our new film, we present the almost greatest love story ever told. Discover the full range of...see more →

Pantone "Create Your Own World"
Pantone Print ads

Pantone "Create Your Own World" by TBWA

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France Account managers: Marcie Foster, Deepali Agarwal Agency...see more →

DillySocks "Life isn't always easy then you stand out"
DillySocks Print ads

DillySocks "Life isn't always easy then you stand out"

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan Switzerland Life isn't always easy when you stand out. Client: ...see more →

Dior TV / Film ads

Dior Make-up "3DIOR MAKEUP" - a 3D make-up experience

MNSTR and Dior explore the future of make-up Paris, December 13 2019 In a...see more →

Nike TV / Film ads

Nike "Just Do It Germany"

"So let's get this straight. You claim fight oppression and be all for equality but you underpay...see more →

Nike TV / Film ads

Nike "Birthplace of Dreams"

“All dreams come from here, they come from the dust”   Caster’s dream started on the dusty roads of...see more →

Jordache Jeans "Your Second Skin" by VMLY&R
Jordache Jeans Print ads

Jordache Jeans "Your Second Skin" by VMLY&R

Advertising Agency: Cerebro VMLY&R, Panamá, Panamá Client: Jordache Jeans Creative Director:...see more →

Nike Integrated ads

Nike "Ready to Run NYC: Eliud Kipchoge"

Advertising Agency: R/GA, USA New York City moves at a runner’s pace: really, really fast. If you’...see more →

Adidas Ambient ads

Adidas "Infinite Play"

Trade Adidas gear in. Don’t throw it out. Get rewarded and together we keep it out...see more →

Reebok Ambient ads

Reebok "Reebok To Go"

Major European cities like Stockholm are being invaded by electrical scooters. They have become...see more →

Adidas "Muscles aren't masculine" by The Creative Circus
Adidas Integrated ads

Adidas "Muscles aren't masculine" by The Creative Circus

Muscles aren't masculine. Client: Adidas Advertising School: The Creative Circus, Atlanta, USA...see more →

Diesel Online ads

Diesel x Coca-Cola - THE (RE)COLLECTION - a collection incorporating recycled materials

This Autumn, two iconic brands, Diesel and Coca-Cola, have joined forces to create The (Re)...see more →

Diesel "SIDE:BIZ"
Diesel Online ads

Diesel "SIDE:BIZ"

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Milan, Italy Client: Diesel The influencers are the stars of the...see more →

Diesel TV / Film ads

Diesel "Enjoy Before Returning"

Ahead of New York Fashion Week, Diesel has embraced the "enjoy before returning" approach with a...see more →

Bon Ton "Start Trending This Summer"
Bon Ton Print ads

Bon Ton "Start Trending This Summer"

Start Trending This Summer Client: Bon Ton Advertising Agency: Seagull Advertising, Pune, India...see more →

Diesel Online ads

Diesel "Diesel x La Casa De Papel"

When every brand wants you online and liking, every social media publication DIESEL invites people...see more →

Reebok Online ads

Reebok "Sport The Unexpected"

Cardi B stars in "Nails," an enthralling moment of acrylic prowess for Reebok as...see more →

Reebok TV / Film ads

Reebok "Made of Many"

Client - Reebok Creative Agency - Iris ECD – Rodrigo Butori,...see more →

Havaianas Integrated ads

Havaianas "Let's Summer" by AlmapBBDO

Havaianas keeps on spreading the spirit of Brazilian summer in its new global...see more →

Critically Endangered Socks
Critically Endangered Socks Print ads

Critically Endangered Socks "Some socks are bad. Ours are good."

Some socks are bad. Ours are good. Client: Critically Endangered Socks "We sell socks that support...see more →

Diesel TV / Film ads

Diesel "Spirit of the brave"

Diesel Fragrances and Neymar Jr., accompanied by Buzzman, give us their definition of bravery for...see more →

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