Cartoon Network: First dog's press conference

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Insights, Strategy & the Idea: 
Viasat is a leading paid satellite TV operator competing with 3 other players in its category constantly expanding the market share of paid satellite TV. The communication goal was to drive broad public awareness of Cartoon Network launch. The marketing goal was subscription sales targets. The Agency was asked to come up with ideas within a limited budget of just $5K. Having checked all the content of the Cartoon Network in Ukraine, we learned that the only "fresh" cartoon was Scooby Doo. The obvious solution was to generate buzz. And we decided to act as if we really have news. We had enough money to organize decent press-conference, so all the fun was to happen there. The main challenge was to create an event visited by maximum journalists, give them a brilliant material to tell the country about.

Advertising Agency: Tabasco, Ukraine
Creative Director: Alexander Smirnov / Art Director: Inna Ruda
Copywriter: Vlad Volochai / Illustrator: Alexandra Novitskaya