Electrolux: "The Dry Cleaner Prank" by Volontaire

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To prove the capabilities of the Electrolux UltraCare™ laundry range – namely, that it’s possible to clean delicate clothing items at home, Electrolux teamed up with a man who wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a new washing machine. 

Together we set up a prank – turning the local dry cleaner into a replica of the couple´s home overnight. 

And yes...we did it for real.

About the UltraCare washers and DelicateCare dryers
The new Electrolux UltraCare™ series of washing machines is our most and complete to date. The new UltraCare® range has all the innovative solutions and capabilities of SteamCare, TimeCare and FlexCare. Using both UltraMix System and OptiSense technology the UltraCare® range activates the detergent’s cleaning power at 30°C and automatically adjusts time-, water- and energy-use to efficiently wash and protect even your most delicate garments. The DelicateCare series of dryers tailors the drying cycle to match the needs of your fabrics, even hand wash only items.

Advertising Agency: Volontaire, Stockholm, Sweden

Creative Director: Rasmus Nilsson
Art Directors: Lucas Lima, Patricia Miodek
Copywriter: Malin Runefelt
Designer: Anne Hellman Vold
Account Manager: Carl Unger
Producer: Carin Larsson
Planner: Joakim Runesson
Strategist: David Orlic
PR: Christian Åkerhielm, Samuel Skwarski
Additional credits: Rebel Studios, Ryska Posten Event