Nike: Your Game Is Your Voice

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Client: Nike

Brief: With the Asia Games in full swing during 2010, we wanted to deliver an inspirational brand message to the kids of Guangzhou. Many local kids were no longer able to participate in sports as their city and many of its facilities were taken over by the games. Our goal was to shine a spotlight on the local kids and motivate them to do more sport and celebrate their achievements.

Solution: Our solution was built on the insight that Guangzhou athletes are quiet but confident, they don't trash talk, or boast, instead they chose to express themselves through their game. This campaign was about bringing this spirit to life. To do this we visualized the kids inner voice exploding from inside of them, triggered by their action and movement of playing sport. The creative extended beyond the traditional boundaries of the medium to heighten impact.

Location / Scale: We wanted to be provocative in the way we executed the creative. A key location we used was a basketball court, where we created a court wrap that extended out onto an entire neighboring apartment block. prompting a stream of positive reactions from our kids. and generating a flurry of media attention, (including a 3 minute newscast on a number of TV stations). We also took over sections of the subway system with similar provocative executions.

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Shanghai, China

Art Director: Andrew Wilcox / Executive Creative Director: Nick Cohen
Creative Director: Conan Wang / Designer: Howl Lee / Photographer: Thierry Des Fontaine
Copywriter: Thomas Tsang / Art Buyer: James Li / Account Supervisor: Jason Wang
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Sukwan Chae / Account Manager: Gavin Lum / Planner: Dominic Tan / Designer: Howl Lee