Opel ADAM: The Color Changing Car

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What happens when you park the new, not yet launched, Opel ADAM in central Copenhagen on a dark evening - and make it come to life? We tried and ended up giving unsuspecting bar guests and people passing by something they hadn´t seen coming.

Opel ADAM is the most individual city car in the world, with more than 60.000 exterior and 80.000 interior combinations.

Advertising Agency: UncleGrey, Copenhagen, Denmark

Art Director: Jon Goldtsche / Copywriter: Jesper Jørgen Hansen / Chief Of Operations: Carsten Bülow
Account Manager: Ingeborg Balle-Petersen / Creative Technologist: Karsten Kirkegaard / VJ: Thomas Romlöv
Director: Emil Kahr / Producer: Niels Kau / Photographer: Simon Mouridsen / Music: Ole Brodersen – Kay&Ndustry