BNP Paribas and Sid Lee: A Legacy of Inclusion and Impact

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In 1973, a remarkable partnership was forged between BNP Paribas and the French Federation of Tennis (FFT) to revolutionize the Roland-Garros Stadium, the prestigious venue for the French Open. Now, after five decades of unwavering commitment, BNP Paribas commemorates its 50-year journey alongside Sid Lee Paris, the agency instrumental in honoring the sponsorship's 40th anniversary. This milestone celebration not only reflects the bank's historic alliance but also showcases its enduring vision for tennis, particularly its capacity to unite diverse communities and inspire future generations. As we delve into the remarkable story behind this extraordinary partnership, we discover how BNP Paribas has transformed the sport into a collective adventure, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

The Film: A Testament to Enduring Partnership and Youthful Aspirations:

To pay homage to the 50-year journey of loyalty, Sid Lee Paris has meticulously crafted a captivating film. This visual masterpiece immerses viewers in the wealth of archival footage, unveiling the remarkable transformation of tennis since BNP Paribas first extended its support. Unlike other brands fixated on individual glory, BNP Paribas champions inclusivity, dedicating itself to nurturing young talents and enabling them to pursue their dreams. Through this film, the bank's profound commitment to empowering youth in the realm of tennis shines brightly, reinforcing its belief that the sport can transcend boundaries and empower individuals.

Beyond the Courts: BNP Paribas' Impactful Endeavors:

Over the course of half a century, BNP Paribas has ceaselessly championed players at the French Open, cementing its role as a formidable force in the global tennis landscape. Yet, its impact stretches far beyond the confines of the court. BNP Paribas has become an active player in the sport worldwide, providing unwavering support to athletes ranging from aspiring amateurs to seasoned professionals. Moreover, the bank extends its reach to support off-court projects that catalyze change and foster unity through the emotional fabric of the sport. This remarkable dedication to the holistic development of players has solidified BNP Paribas' position as a true agent of transformation and progress.

A Visual Journey: Key Visuals and the 50th Anniversary Identity:

In collaboration with Sid Lee Paris, a series of striking visuals has been meticulously developed to captivate the press and the out-of-home audience. These visual masterpieces serve as a testament to the enduring partnership between BNP Paribas and the French Open. Moreover, a dedicated visual identity has been thoughtfully crafted to commemorate the partnership's momentous 50th anniversary. These visuals grace the Roland-Garros stadium, adorning various spaces, including the BNP Paribas event stand, VIP areas, lounges, and neighboring bank branches. Through these visual expressions, the legacy of this exceptional partnership is brought to life, captivating and inspiring all who encounter them.

Celebrating Onsite: Solidarity and Inclusion:

An array of celebratory events was held onsite during the tournament to mark this extraordinary milestone. Among these was the remarkable Solidarity Match organized by BNP Paribas, a captivating showcase of tennis prowess with a purpose. Each point played during the match raised 100 euros for the Attrap' la Balle association, presided over by the esteemed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. This association ardently promotes the inclusion of young people through tennis, embodying the very values that BNP Paribas holds dear. Looking ahead, the bank has pledged to donate 1 euro for every point played in official tournaments where it is a partner. These contributions will be channeled towards over 50 projects dedicated to enhancing accessibility and inclusivity within the realm of tennis.


"BNP Paribas: Committed to Tomorrow's Tennis for Over 50 Years" encapsulates the extraordinary journey of partnership and impact. As we celebrate this momentous occasion, it is evident that BNP Paribas and Sid Lee Paris have not only etched their names in tennis history but also exemplified the power of collaboration, inclusivity, and forward-thinking initiatives. Looking towards the future, the bank's vision for tennis remains steadfast, fueling its commitment to empower future generations, fostering a more inclusive and accessible sport for all.

Sid Lee:

Johan Delpuech – Président
Stéphane Soussan - Creative Director
Céline & Clément Mornet-Landa - Senior Creatives
Hugo Demazière - Senior Artistic Director
Eric Boussenec - Senior Artistic Director
Yoann Plard – Film Director
Bruno Lee – Head of Strategy
Cloé Bouchart – Senior Strategist
Jean-Baptiste Destabeau – Deputy Managing Director
Yoann Deminiac - Account manager
Thomas Albert - Project manager
Laetitia Neves - Head of production
Victor GRENU – Producer

BNP Paribas:

Elise HERMANT, Communications Director
Charlie BOILLOT, Global Head of Brand and Avertising
Didier GAL, Advertising Manager
Vincent-Baptiste CLOSON, Global Head of Partnerships, Events and Sponsoring
Jérémy BOLLIET, International Sponsorship Manager
Michael BOUSSETON, International Sponsorship Manager
Nicolas MONFORT, International Sponsorship Officer
Clara ROBERT, International Sponsorship Officer
Carole MOREAU, International Sponsorship Officer