Advertisements from: Singapore

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Visa "The most widely accepted payment solution"
Visa Print ads

Visa "The most widely accepted payment solution"

The most widely accepted payment solution. To what extent is Visa considered as a brand for the...see more →

Burger King TV / Film ads

Burger King "Chocolate Whopper"

The Chocolate Whopper® is a special version of the brand’s most iconic burger. Coming soon. Maybe. see more →

McDelivery Day
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's: "when you're up for your favorites." by DDB

when you're up for your favorites. The McDelivery Day celebrations are from 8th to 11th of April...see more →

PETA Direct Marketing ads

PETA Distributes 'Huntsman' Condoms to the Trump Brothers

PETA distributed complimentary Huntsman Condoms to outdoors shows, hunting clubs, and trophy...see more →

Twitter: First on Twitter
Twitter Print ads

Twitter: First on Twitter

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Eugene Cheong / ...see more →

OMO TV / Film ads

OMO: Xuan Gan Ket, Tet Se Chia

Advertising Agency: Lowe Singapore, Singapore Creative Director: Erick Rosa / Senior Art Director: ...see more →

Coca-Cola TV / Film ads

Coca-Cola: share the magic of a white Christmas

See how Finland and hot, tropical Singapore share the magic of a white Christmas. #...see more →

Samsung Ambient ads

The Samsung Talking Fridge: A fridge with the gift of the gab

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Singapore Creative Director: Jimmy Lee / Art Director: Alvaro Bruch / ...see more →

Nike Online ads

Nike: Play Pinoy

Advertising Agency: BBH, Singapore see more →

Duracell ads
Duracell Print ads

Duracell: Endless energy

Endless energy Advertising Agency: Grey, Singapore Chief Creative Officer /...see more →

Singapore ads
Philips Ambient ads

Philips Extra Virgin AIR - OIL

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Eugene Cheong / ...see more →

IKEA Online ads

IKEA Bedroom Stories - Frank the Cosplayer

Frank is a civil servant by day, cosplayer by night. His passion for cosplay was taking over his...see more →

Mentos TV / Film ads

Mentos proposes to Finland on behalf of Singapore

Last year, BBH and Mentos encouraged Singaporeans to contribute to solving the island nation's...see more →

Signal Sensitive Toothpaste
Signal Print ads

Signal Sensitive Toothpaste: When pain strikes

When pain strikes. Advertising Agency: Lowe, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Dominic Stallard /...see more →

Duracell Print ads

Duracell: Some toys never die

Some toys never die. Advertising Agency: Grey, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Ali Shabaz /...see more →

Supa Glue Strong
Selleys Print ads

Selleys: Supa Glue Strong

Client: Selleys Supa Glue Advertising Agency: DDB, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Neil Johnson...see more →

Crisis Relief
Crisis Relief Outdoor ads

Crisis Relief: Be a volunteer. Change a life

Liking isn't helping.Be a volunteer. Change a Advertising Agency: Publicis,...see more →

Breeze Washing Detergent
Breeze Outdoor ads

Breeze: Today's stains are complex

Today's stains are complex. Advertising Agency: Lowe, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Dominic...see more →

L'Oreal Outdoor ads

L'Oreal: Revitalift Laser X3

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Singapore Executive Creative Director: Danny Higgins /...see more →

Samaritans of Singapore
Samaritans of Singapore Print ads

Samaritans of Singapore: The signs are there if you read them

"I'm fine. Save me. / Life is great. I hate myself. / I feel fantastic. I'm falling apart.The signs...see more →

Beyond Social Services
Beyond Social Services Print ads

Beyond Social Services: Lives can be rearranged when we care

Teen gangster. Sergeant Teng. / College dropout. Doctor Lou Lee (GP). / Snath Thief. Chef Thansit....see more →

Axe TV / Film ads

Axe: Blast - score more

"Score more with the new Axe Blast!" Advertising Agency: BBH Asia Pacific, Singapore Executive...see more →

Autism Resource Centre Online ads

Autism Resource Centre: World Autism Awareness Week 2013

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Ronald Ng / Copywriters: Ronald Ng,...see more →

Chupa Chups Online ads

Chupa Chups: Lollipop street artist

You won't believe what this dude made with his mouth! Advertising Agency: BBH Asia Pacific,...see more →

Corona print ads
Corona Direct Marketing ads

Corona: 365 reasons to have a Corona

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Singapore Creative Directors: Gary Steele, Hagan de Villiers / Art...see more →

Vicks ads
Vicks Print ads

Vicks: Bring voice back

Bring voice back. Product:Vicks Throat Drops Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore International...see more →

British Airways ads
British Airways Print ads

British Airways: Experience Britain

Client: British Airways Advertising Agency: BBH Asia Pacific, Singapore Executive Creative Director...see more →

Guinness print ads
Guinness Print ads

Guinness: Made of More

Client: Guinness Made of More Advertising Agency: BBDO Proximity, Singapore Chief Creative Officer...see more →

Chupa Chups ads
Chupa Chups Print ads

Chupa Chups: Cream of Cola

Advertising Agency: BBH Asia-Pacific, Singapore Executive Creative Director: Steve Elrick / Account...see more →

IKEA Ambient ads

IKEA: the catalogue in the mailbox

The IKEA catalogue is not just any other catalogue. Launched every year and distributed to almost...see more →

Lux TV / Film ads


Lux soaps are now made with Fine fragrances. The key insight is that fragrances evoke emotions and...see more →

Rinso Print ads

Rinso: Colours stay true

Colours stay true Advertising Agency:Lowe, Singapore Chief Creative Officers:Dominic Stallard, ...see more →

OMO print ads
OMO Print ads

OMO: OMO dirt is good

Client: OMO washing detergent OMO dirt is good Advertising Agency: Lowe, Singapore Regional...see more →

Chupa Chups TV / Film ads

Chupa Chups: Just another alien invasion

Just another alien invasion in the wonderful world of Chupa Chups and Chuck! Advertising Agency:...see more →

Breeze Print ads

Breeze: Stains have evolved

Stains have evolved Advertising Agency: Lowe, Singapore Chief Creative Officers: Dominic Stallard...see more →

Coca-Cola Online ads

Coca-Cola Hug Machine

"The Coca-Cola Hug Machine. You hug it, it returns the favour with a Coke. Because vending...see more →

Shangri-La Hotel ads
Shangri-La Print ads

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore ads

  Advertising Agency: TBWA/Tequila, Singapore Executive Creative Director...see more →

Sentosa Singapore, Barclays Singapore Open ads
Sentosa Ambient ads

Sentosa Singapore, Barclays Singapore Open ads

"The Barclays Singapore Open is played on one of the toughest courses in Asia. We were asked to...see more →

Levi's print ads
Levi's Print ads

Levi's: For little monsters with big imaginations.

For little monsters with big imaginations. Levi's kids Advertising Agency: BBH,...see more →

Panadol Print ads

Panadol: a pill for your head

Advertising Agency: Grey Group, Singapore Chief Creative Officer: Ali Shabaz / Copywriter: Joseph...see more →

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