Listerine: Prepare for a breathtaking moment

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Flipbook with Bad Breath

Insights, Strategy and Idea: Bad breath is one the most embarrassing issues for people when they socialize. We decided to bring this experience to life by engaging our target and letting them know that Listerine can solve the problem.

Creative Execution: The experience was brought to life with a flipbook infused with a pungent onion scent. When people flipped through it, an onion scent was released, making it appear as if the sexy woman had onion breath. On the back of the book, we printed a coupon for a free Listerine sample to be redeemed at nearby locations.

Results and Effectiveness: The coupon attached to the flipbook effectively converted consumer awareness to product trial. Redemption rates shot through the roof at 66%. We created a refreshing way for people to stay fresh.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Hong Kong

Creative Directors: Barbara Fu, Bobby Chiu, Henry Lim, Sly Song / Art Directors: Bobby Chiu, Axel Lam, Jason Lam
Copywriter: Henry Lim / Photographer: Jonathan Wong / Retoucher: Jacky Lam / Production Manager: Jimmy Pong