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Lux soaps are now made with Fine fragrances. The key insight is that fragrances evoke emotions and feelings. Art is the most powerful way to express feelings.

Inspired by the mysterious, exotic fragrance of rare orchids in Lux, we collaborated with famous Spanish artist, Gabriel Moreno, who created the world’s first liquid soap painting at the global launch event in front of a live audience.

In this co-creation titled ‘BEWITCH’ he made the magical mood of Lux come alive on a giant canvas with his trademark details and intricate strokes using the challenging and unexpected medium of purple and orange liquid soap as a select crowd of international celebrities, the worldwide press and Unilever marketing directors watched in awe and wonder.

The audience could watch, smell and truly feel as they experienced this multi sensorial piece of Lux liquid soap art.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Singapore

Regional Creative Director: Tay Guan Hin
Executive Creative Director: Juhi Kalia
Art Director: Aurelien Bigot
Producer: Gerry Hamill
Creative Director: Karen Muck
Business Directors: Sue Mulhall, Hinoti Joshi, Anjali Bewtra
Editor: Mark Doney
Account Manager: Kryse Ynieto
Artist: Gabriel Moreno