Kinder Pingui: A ‘Thanks’ you won’t forget

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The word 'thanks' is often overlooked by children, particularly when it comes to acknowledging their parents. Parents fulfill multiple crucial roles in their children's lives - they act as family doctors, home chefs, event coordinators, and much more.

Kinder Pingui, a chocolate designed for both children and parents, decided to underscore the importance of expressing gratitude to our parents for all they do. To achieve this, we initiated an extensive outdoor campaign featuring accessible stickers as a reminder to say thank you.

In place of conventional advertising posters, we installed unique billboards adorned with stickers showcasing various expressions of thanks. This way, children of all ages could take a sticker and use it to show their appreciation to their parents.

Client: Ferrero Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)
Kinder Brand Manager (Kazakhstan & CEA & CAU): Karina Murtazaliyeva

Advertising Agency: GForce, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Managing Director: Yuliya Tushina
Executive Creative Director: Yevgeniy Kostylev
Creative Group Head: Victor Ershov
Art Director: Maria Kalinicheva
Copywriter: Mikhail Varov
Designer: Diana Korchevskaya
Motion Designer: Alexander Filatov
Account Manager: Veronika Fedossova
Client Service Director: Anna Kostyleva

DOOH Production Company: Citix (Kazakhstan)
Chief Commercial Officer: Yevgeniy Tyan
Account Director: Azazel Amirdinova
Art Director: Dmitriy Kiyko
2D Motion Designer: Almat Suisimbayev
Tech Lead: Yevgeny Burlyai
Project Managers: Rustam Ashykbayev, Uliya Kusherbayeva
Account Manager: Samal Satybaldina

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