KFC France "Unalike" a new guerilla campaign

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Unlike certain fast food chains' nuggets, KFC's chicken tenders are cooked with real chicken filets – which is why you’ll never find 2 exactly alike. KFC France wanted to highlight the delicious uniqueness of its real tenders so, together with its agency Sid Lee, the brand is launching “Unalike” a new guerilla OOH campaign to show how each tender is one-of-a-kind. Each of the outdoor posters features a single tender and when positioned side by side, amplify the diversity of the tenders' breading, shapes, and sizes. 

Over 200 visuals were created for the campaign, a mere sampling of the infinite possibilities. KFC is also bringing the campaign to life online with gifs featuring a quick succession of the images, challenging the online community to find two identical tenders.

"Unalike", which began August 15, visualizes the benefits of KFC's tenders vis-à-vis its competitors' nuggets while also communicating about the brand's authentic cuisine. 

Client: KFC France

Advertising Agency: Sid Lee Paris