Authentic stories reveal Italian ingenuity in the new Fiat Doblo launch campaign

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With the new "Driven by ingenuity" campaign, Fiat PROFESSIONAL welcomes the new Fiat Doblo and Fiat E-Doblo. The three video stories depict traditional businesses that, through lateral thinking, have reinvented the traditional way of working into something completely innovative. They are based on "real professionals' stories," as their real protagonists tell, and provide an unprecedented look at Italian business ingenuity.

The stories, which were published on the Fiat PROFESSIONAL social channels, present three innovative and sustainable start-ups that have come up with a new use for materials that were previously used in other industries. They both have the same cleverness that makes the new Fiat Doblo and Fiat E-Doblo stand out, which makes them great partners for companies that want to move forward.

The values of Fiat PROFESSIONAL - sincerity and centrality of the person, and the importance of always being a reliable partner for its customers are at the heart of the new format. The New Doblo is always in the background in the three videos, but it is always by the side of the professionals; it is the ideal vehicle for their work objectives and their brilliant ideas.

The first story features the creations of B Corp Miomojo, a fashion brand company based in Bergamo that creates bags and accessories with an Italian design, using innovative, vegan and/or partially organic materials, animal skin alternatives, and recycled fabrics. Some examples of this tremendous all-Italian creativity include bags made from cactus or corn, apple scraps, or recycled fishing nets.

The second commercial features Icehouse, an innovative start-up and benefits company founded in 2016 by architect Tiziana Monterisi and her husband, Alessio Colombo. Ricehouse converts inedible waste from rice processing into natural materials for green buildings that are healthy and ethical, technologically advanced, and highly sustainable. The main goal is to sell new materials like straw, chaff, thermoplastics, lightweight screeds, and insulating panels.

Finally, the third story introduces Fili Pari, a start-up company that creates an innovative and one-of-a-kind fabric out of marble dust from quarries and production laboratories. Francesca and Alice, two young women from the Politecnico di Milano, got the idea for the project for their thesis. They wanted to bring the textile world back to the land.

A behind-the-scenes video with the protagonists of the three stories reveals more about the new Fiat Doblo launch campaign. An exclusive look at the creation demonstrates how entrepreneurs experienced this advertising adventure with FIAT PROFESSIONAL. A statement from the company's owners confirmed the truthfulness of the new campaign.

The videos were created by Leo Burnett's creative agency and produced by Buddy Film under the direction of Tobia Passigato. Flavio Ibba has signed the soundtrack for Red Rose Productions.

The new Fiat Doblo, the latest generation of a winning C-VAN model, offers the best in modularity, sustainability, and safety, making it an even more reliable, versatile, and flexible workmate. The new model comes in two lengths and three configurations (VAN, Crew Cab, and Combi), with an electric motor and a thermal combustion engine. The new Fiat E-Doblo is FIAT PROFESSIONAL's third electric vehicle after the Fiat E-Ducato and Fiat E-Scudo and is the range's flagship.

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