Honda Power Equipment: the UMK450 trimmer

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In Peru, the market for Power Equipments has been evolving in all regions of the country. That is why the Honda brand, power products, seeks to surprise everyone with a disruptive and very striking message to communicate its UMK450 trimmer.

“At Honda, we seek to position the UMK450 trimmer as the most powerful, versatile and efficient on the market. A perfect cutting machine for all types of terrain that meets the best quality standards and Japanese technology that characterizes our brand. The challenge was to communicate its attributes in a way that is disruptive to what the sector is currently doing,” commented Valerie Flores, marketing manager for Power Products at Honda del Perú. 

“At the national level, the UMK450 trimmer is the only one on the market that offers a 4-stroke speed and 2.2 HP power. The challenge at the local level was to make the UMK450 the most requested electric trimmer by the Peruvian public”, mentioned Hector, Art Director of Pasaporte Studio.

Under this request, we saw fit that it was very important to highlight the power of the trimmer. “In Peru, there are different farmlands, ideal places for weeds, the enemy that terrifies farmers, to grow and spoil the harvest. For this reason, we created a campaign where we turned that fear around and now it is the weed that is terrified when it faces a farmer with the UMK450 in his hands”, said Paulo Castro, Creative Director. 

This action is part of a comprehensive campaign that we have been developing for the Honda brand, power products, which involves both ATL parts, panels and radios as well as digital media. "With actions like this, at Passport, we have been showing that we are capable of executing transversal campaigns for our clients with creative, powerful and impressive concepts that can live both in the ATL, BTL and digital", pointed out Koky Borrero, General Creative Director.

Advertising Agency: Pasaporte Studio, Lima, Peru

Client: Honda Power Equipment

Cco: Koky Borrero
Head Of Art: Takeshi Asato
Creative Director: Paulo Castro
Art Director: Héctor Garamende
Senior Creative: Alexandra Ochoa
Copywriter: Fran Chávez
Senior Art: Hugo Licla
Graphic Designer: Aldo Martínez
Media Director: Julio Hernández
Media Planner: Jair Alca
Key Account Manager: Kiyoshi Salazar
3D Artist And Render: Eduardo Julián
Account Director: Natsumi Fukuhara
Account Executive: Azzia Celíz
Executive Producer: Felix Echazú
Marketing Manager: Valerie Flores
Marketing Assistant: Sidney Negrillo