Honorary Commission to Fight Cancer and the Rayo Rojo club "The New Skin"

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In Uruguay, around 3,200 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year. One of the main recommendations to prevent skin cancer is to avoid sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. However, many children play soccer during these hours, which can be harmful to their skin. To address this issue, the Honorary Commission to Fight Cancer and the Rayo Rojo club, in collaboration with Cámara TBWA, has launched "The New Skin" project.

This project involves creating soccer jerseys with UPF 50 technology that blocks 98% of UV rays. Currently, this technology is available in two categories of the Rayo Rojo club: men's 2012 and women's. However, the goal is to expand it to cover all categories of all soccer clubs in the country. The aim is to promote sport for the growth and development of children while also taking care of their skin health.

The "New Skin" project is a step forward in promoting the issue of skin protection for children who play soccer. The intention is to gradually modify the conditions in which soccer is played and to complement it with other sun protection measures. To make this initiative successful, educational workshops have been conducted for all those involved, including children, managers, coaches, fathers, and mothers.

For more information or to join the project, go to www.lanuevapiel.com.

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