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I value the importance of eating well, good nutrition should not come at a high price. Unfortunately, fresh produce purchases are declining, especially among low-income households, according to a Barometer by Kantar & LSA. However, I am encouraged by the efforts of Intermarché, a French retailer, to help people eat better every day.

Intermarché has launched a new advertising campaign focusing on lunch, one of the most difficult to manage in terms of budget and nutrition. The company recognizes that 63% of working French people are trying to reduce or control their lunch budget. To address this, 58% of them are cooking meals at home to bring to work, with 71% having brought home-cooked food to work in the past year. The reasons for this are straightforward: it is less expensive, tastes better, and is healthier.

The new campaign, created in collaboration with the advertising agency Romance, features a short film about Pierrot, a dockworker who enjoys cooking for himself and his wife. Pierrot prepares his weekly lunch dishes with love and precision, while his colleagues opt for more convenient options like pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches. However, someone is stealing Pierrot's lunch every day, which causes frustration and concern. Despite an inconclusive investigation, Pierrot has a plan to catch the culprit, and the plot thickens.

The short film is part of the saga initiated by Intermarché with "L'amour, l'amour," and directed by Katia Lewkowicz. The film aims to move audiences with its authentic and delicate storytelling capacity, focusing on the values of friendship and sharing. It is a sweet, cheerful, and luminous film that features "Ça s'éclaircit devant" by the young artist Mathieu Des Longchamps, a song full of hope that gives strength and inspiration to those who are cooking their lunch.

According to Alexandre Hervé, Creative Director of Romance, telling a positive and light-hearted story in a challenging context has been challenging. However, the casting is precise and conveys the emotion of solidarity, making the film powerful because of the humanity it radiates. Perrine Vignon, Brand and Communication member, noted that Intermarché's fight is to make fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables accessible to the French, particularly in times of precariousness and purchasing power. The story told in the film aligns with Intermarché's values, bringing joy and tenderness to a subject close to the problems of low-income households.

I am delighted to see Intermarché's efforts promoting accessible and affordable healthy eating options. Using creative storytelling and marketing strategies, Intermarché is addressing a real-life issue and helping French people eat better every day. By incorporating the values of friendship and sharing, the company is creating a positive and inspiring message that resonates with audiences. I hope to see more companies follow Intermarché's lead in promoting healthy eating for all.


Brand Credits

CEO : Christophe Chineau
Strategic and Operational Marketing Manager : Camille Sassi Brand and Communication Director : Anne Guivarc’h
Brand and Communication Manager : Perrine Vignon Project Manager : Céline Guérin

Agency Credits

CEO : Christophe Lichtenstein
Executive Creative Director and Copywriter : Alexandre Hervé Copywriter : Camélia Relier Baccouche
Art Director : Lucas Fockenoy
Director Strategic Planner : Jérôme Lavillat
Strategic Planner : Johanna Tannous
Associate Director : Marie-Laure Dangeon
Account Manager : Meryl Conrad
Director TV Producer: Emilie Talpaert
TV Assistant : Mahé Parisse

Production Credits

Production : Grand Bazar
Director : Katia Lewkowicz
DOP : Laurent Tangy
Stylist : Sonia Philouze
Producer : Juliette Desmarescaux Executive Producer : Hugo Mérival Editor : Thierry Hoss

Post-Production Credits

Post-Production : The Mill
Post-production Supervisor : Laura Roddier TC Def : Arthur Paux

Sound Credits

Sound production : Schmooze

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