The Jeep Avenger electric SUV in “Concentrated Freedom” Ad Spot

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Jeep recently made all of the public information on its forthcoming 100% electric SUV, the Avenger. This car was created to "stand out" from previous models and those released in the future. And, because this is presented as one of the most relevant cars in Jeep's recent history, they have decided to carry out a specific series of three chapters dubbed "Concentrated Freedom" that will be broadcast on the North American company's official YouTube account in Europe. They have already released the first one, which is set in European territory.

When it comes to creating and designing the electric SUV, Jeep made it plain that the European market was totally relevant. The business anticipates that the model will be a sales success on the Old Continent, owing to its proportions and positioning as an utterly focused vehicle in this market.

As a result, Jeep has released a series centered on the Jeep Avenger, with the first installment traversing the Dolomite mountains in northeastern Italy. The first episode is named "Move," and the hosts are Rabea Schiff and Olympic surfer Leonardo Fioravanti. The footage focuses primarily on traversing the scenic mountain roads as both narrate anecdotes about their pasts and what drove them to choose their job, among other things.

The film concentrates on the electric Jeep Avenger's possibilities in terms of offering its users the typical freedom of vehicles with combustion engines, but with the added benefit of increased sustainability and environmental friendliness. Of course, adequate standards regarding recharging and electric autonomy are also necessary.

The aforementioned rapid recharging capability is one of the video's primary highlights, as its characters halt in front of a gorgeous village where, while they speak, the car recharges a considerable portion of its autonomy. The Jeep Avenger electric SUV can be charged from 20 to 80 percent in 24 minutes using a fast charger of up to 100 kW. With the same assistance, the electric SUV can recharge up to 30 kilometers of travel after only 3 minutes of plugging in. Of course, the facts indicated in the video.

The next two chapters of the series "Concentrated Freedom" ("concentrated freedom," by its direct translation in Spanish) are currently unknown. Still, everything indicates that they will include two new heroes roaming the highways of Europe.

The Jeep Avenger has a 54 kWh battery that powers a 156 hp electric motor with a maximum torque of 260 Nm. The Jeep Avenger electric SUV can achieve a range of 400 kilometers. However, the company claims that if electrical management is employed in metropolitan areas, the range can be increased to 550 kilometers. The Jeep Avenger's battery will be fully recharged in 5 hours and 15 minutes using an 11 kW charger.

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