Kings of Indigo #EqualPockets

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DDB Berlin turns denim into a symbol for equal pay by creating the first women's jeans collection with pockets equally as deep as men's.

Brand Name: Kings of Indigo
Campaign Title: #EqualPockets
Media Type: Integrated
Industries: Fashion


Founder: Tony Tonnaer  
Managing Director: Elisabeth Verheijen 

Communication: Ana Vujanić

Illustration: Salimah Gablan


Chief Creative Officer: Dennis May

Managing Directors Creative: Jan Harbeck, David Mously

Creative Director: Patrik Lenhart

Senior Art Director: Marco Lemcke

Copywriter: Maximilian Müller

Art Directors: Alice Rotelli, Sirena Grace Martinelli 

Junior Creative: Hitarthy Shah, Rohit Wani, Vaishnavi Rai

In 2019 women still earn on average 21 % less than men. In order to close the Gender Pay Gap, the younger generation has to join the fight.
But how do we approach those who'd rather follow influencers than political discussions?
By disguising a political statement for equal pay as an instagrammable fashion item.
While "deep pockets" are a metaphor for money, women’s pockets are significantly smaller than men’s.
As if they were tailored to match the gender pay gap.
#EqualPockets by Kings Of Indigo is the first female jeans collection with pockets equally as deep as men's.
With the help of fashion influencers, the campaign reached millions of people online. Making the launch post the most successful post in the brand's history.
The campaign also sparked a fresh conversation in reputable fashion blogs, lifestyle magazines, and mainstream media.
This way we not only proved Kings Of Indigo’s environmental and social sustainability but also shed light on the Gender Pay Gap by bringing it to the heads, hearts, and hips of a young generation.

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