McDonald's Pixels to reopen restaurants

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Image advertising:

The brand with the famous yellow M is launching its new advertising campaign. Named McDonald's Pixels and signed TBWA \ Paris, it is now visible throughout France and announces the upcoming reopening of the brand's restaurants. McDonald's and TBWA \ Paris have speculated the iconicity of products: by blurring their clarity, they reveal their essence.

In line with the brand's previous advertising campaigns, this new baby is no exception to the rule: no logo, no brand signature, just pixels, everywhere. Instead, McDonald's relies on anchoring its products and its brand in pop culture, which have become icons, to offer minimalist ad prints.

Behind gradations of pixelated tones, each product is easy to guess. A message accompanies each "Guess who's back" print. It seems that the riddle will not last long, and this is the genius of the sign. Succeed in unveiling a product, which needs nothing else to be recognized than to lay bare.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Paris, France