Mitsubishi Motors "I Love to Cross Worlds"

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After winning a pitch held by Mitsubishi Motors Europe (MME) towards the end of 2021, XXS Amsterdam developed the campaign based on the "I Love to Cross Worlds" concept for the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV.

The brief shifted from traditional product-driven communication towards customer centricity, with a clear focus on the target group's motivations, attitudes, and lifestyle. Therefore, the challenge was to match the feelings and values ​​of the target groups with the brand and, at the same time, emphasize how Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV can enable and improve these customers' everyday lives.

Alex Thomas, Marketing Director, MME, explained: "For the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV advertising campaign, our goal was to bring about a step-by-step change in the way we communicate the Mitsubishi Motors brand and our products in Europe. The goal was to develop a campaign with significant impact, aimed at values ​​instead of demographics, while we remain true to our brand values ​​and DNA. XXS clearly understood that we meant it when we said we wanted to do something completely different. "

Sanne Tolsma, Managing Director, XXS Amsterdam: "At Mitsubishi Motors, we discovered a unique brand with an adventurous spirit - very different from the usual car brands. Therefore, in response to the mission, we had to bring out the Mitsubishi brand's DNA and its Japanese roots in a way that was effective and appealed to adventurous customer groups. We immediately saw opportunities to emphasize the unique DNA of Mitsubishi Motors in an equally unique and innovative way."

XXS has developed a distinctive creative campaign for Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV that violates the category norms. The campaign is based on apparent contrasts and contradictions between the Mitsubishi Motors brand and the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV. It connects these with similar differences in the personalities and characteristics of particular customer groups. Think of the car's character, combined with safety and sophistication. Durable electric motors are for everyday use without compromising on power and modern design.

What sets the campaign apart is the visual style. Here, too, two worlds come together uniquely. We combine the typical Japanese manga style with reality movies' human and emotional aspects. This is how the distinctive Japanese heritage of Mitsubishi Motors and the driving experience of the Eclipse Cross PHEV naturally flow together.

The advertising campaign "I Love to Cross Worlds" includes TV commercials, online videos, and banners and will go live this spring in some countries in Europe.

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