NAKAYA "Fire Becomes Me"

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Following the release of her single “Try”, NAKAYA has dropped “Fire Becomes Me”, the second music video and single to complete the two-video pair. The Fire Becomes Me EP is slated to release April 1, 2022 out of The Better Company. Both films were produced by Valiant Pictures.

Following the solemn finale of “Try,” a music video exploring the battle with one’s inner thoughts and the Self, “Fire Becomes Me” begins outdoors and with a second awakening. The film, directed by Enmi Yang and DPed by Peter Pascucci, evokes the discovery of power in solitude, where NAKAYA pursues a mysterious red light across fog and water until she finds fire. She unites with the flames, her power and resurrection, in keeping with the echoing chorus “I’m finding fire becomes me now”.

Production Company: Valiant Pictures 

Founding Partner & EP: Matthew D’Amato

Founding Partner & EP: Vincent Lin

Music: Nakaya

Director/Editor: Enmi Yang 

Director of Photography/Colorist: Peter Pascucci 

Producer: Abi Lieff 

1st AC: Thomas Rospabé 

2nd AC: Bri-Anna Caberson 

Gaffer: Roberto De Cecco

Stylist: Ryan Gale

Hair/Makeup: Will Metivier 

PA: Kate Kim

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