Yamaha MT-07 an enjoyable riding character

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The New Yamaha MT-07

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The new MT-07, a naked 689cc twin-cylinder model which raises the bar in the mid-class segment in terms of riding excitement, quality components and design. Key design elements include a mass forward look with an upright riding position. There's also the signature 'Z-shape' -- formed by the air intake-style scoops and the short exhaust header pipes -- confirming its strong MT heritage.

This new MT is designed to deliver high agility together with exciting torque, as well as an enjoyable riding character, for a very affordable price.

Advertising Agency: DLVBBDO, Milan, Italy

Executive Creative Directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani / Client Creative Directors: Nicola Cellemme, Pasquale Frezza
Art Directors: Nicola Cellemme, Simone Di Laus / Copywriters: Pasquale Frezza, Dario Lo Nardo
Client Service Director: Chiara Niccolai / Account Director: Domenico Grandi / Account Executive: Neli Mechenska
Producer: Marijana Vukomanovic / Music/Sfx: Bartolomeo Sailer / Director/Screenplay: Shingo Shimoyama
Storyboard: Yukio Akiyama / Animation Director: Marisuke Eguchi / Art Director: Masayuki Yamada
Mechanical Design: Junichiro Tamamori / Special Effects: Bora Lee
CG Supervisor / Character Animator: Chihiro Takigawa
CG Modelers: Chihiro Takigawa, Eiji Kondo, Yuya Hatano, Minami Ohkawara, Naoya Okugawa, Yusuke Kikuchi, Syoutaro Takahashi, Akiko Kobayashi, Satoshi Watanabe, Kentaro Shiomitsu
Technical Director: Naoyuki Kuzuya / Key Animators: Masaya Yamamoto, Shinichiro Minami
In-between Animation: Toshiya Tanaka / Color Design: Eimitsu Kurita / Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Sound Effects: Yasuyuki Konno / Mixing: Zenji Koide / Composition/Editing: Miwa Yanagida, Kouhei Honami
Producer: Hideaki Suzuki / Animation Producer: Kazuhiko Yagiuchi / Assistant Producers: Kentaro Shiomitsu, Yoshie Takagi, Andrew Schaeffer / Production Cooperation: BILBA, Studio Izena

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