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The once elusive, now strongly emerging Russian middle class still prefers big, expensive cars, an obvious proof of its social success. Although most of them are in dire need of a second car, our potential customers showed virtually no interest in our Smarts. Our objective was to bring the most reluctant consumers to test drive the Smart and change their state of mind from "Smart is not really a car" into being true believers and advocates of the Smart.

Solution: Our secret weapon: once you take the Smart for a ride, you'll fall in love with it. Core audience's weakest point: their big cars and all the problems they bring along.

Context: Most illegally parked cars in Moscow are picked-up during the weekend shopping. Once car-less, drivers go through a real ordeal -- exorbitant, hours long cab rides through Moscow's traffic, in order to get back their cars.

Idea: At the peak of the driver's desperation, the Smart Teams jump in, offering free rides, a unique opportunity to test drive the versatile Smart in some of the World's worst traffic jams. Being there for them exactly at the moment when they needed a car the most turned reluctant, condescending consumers into true believers -- a 100% realistic test drive of the very car that could have saved them from all the hustle.

Results: 40 Smarts saved 623 car-less drivers during 3 days, in parking lots around 8 shopping malls

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia

Chief Creative Officer: Igor Lutz / Creative Director: Mihai Coliban / Deputy Creative Director: Sergey Kozhevnikov / Senior Art Director: Darya Agapova / Senior Producer: Valery Gorokhov / Producer Assistant: Natalya Abzalova / Animation: Kirill Kulygin / Producer Park Production: Irina Lanskaya / Director Park Production: Ivan Oganesov / DOP Park Production: Georgy Leonov / Managing Director Pelican Event: Elena Novikova / Account Manager Pelican Event: Maria Stepkova /  Client Service Director: Christina Tancher / Group Account Director: Anna Sokolova / Account Manager: Yana Bader