Smart "Bad Parking" ready to park

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Image advertising:

To advertise its new parking feature, smart pokes fun at badly parked e-scooters. It’s hasn’t been a full year since the e-scooters became legal in Germany and the streets are already completely packed with them. Well. Not only the streets. But the sidewalks, the pedestrian paths and so on…

With a series of spontaneous photographs taken in the streets of Berlin, smart reveals their

latest OOH and Print campaign called “Bad Parking”. The cheeky ads poke fun at the many terribly parked e-scooters Berliners (and people from other cities too) come across every day.

The car brand, which is now all-electric, ran the campaign to advertise their exclusive feature “ready to park”, which tells smart drivers exactly where they can find the perfect parking spot, and in some cases, even allows them to book the spot in advance.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Berlin, Germany

Chief Creative Officer: Till Diestel
Executive Creative Director: Siyamak Jung
Creative Director: Pedro Americo, Jeannette Bohne
Senior Copywriter: Eduardo Balestra
Senior Art Director: Luis Paulo Gatti
Managing Director: Mark Hassan
Project Director: Anja Schwarzmann
Print Producer & Art Buyer: Betty Zschirnt
Photographer: Murat Aslan
Production Company: Pflanz Produktionsservice