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Philadelphia's brand strategy is based on customer feedback and aims to leave fewer traces: from reducing food waste to being more sustainable from farm, tub, and table.

"Snacking Made Right," a Mondelez brand in Europe, is helping to achieve the company's 2025 targets for "carbon reduction, increased use of recycled plastic, reduced waste in production," among other things. The campaign is based on a powerful product truth: it is so creamy that you do not want to leave any on your plate. One of the brand's sustainability mantras is to be the cream cheese that leaves as little trace as possible.

Shared Matthieu Elkaim, Ogilvy Paris CCO and co-President, "The campaign's commitment is to pay tribute to consumers' dedication to the pleasure of Philadelphia food and their efforts to leave no trace, every day. Matching Philadelphia's efforts to simply leave further traces across its own activities."

The social media campaign by Ogilvy Paris has one:25 Hero Film with :6 cutdowns, three :10 Targeted Films and a digital imagery bank to communicate Philadelphia’s story of seeking to leave Fewer Traces to a diverse audience: from busy professionals to young parents and the Generation Green young Millennials.

Furthered the agency’s creative director, Juana O’Gorman, “It’s an honest approach directly inspired by consumer and brand insights. As consumers become more engaged in doing more for the environment, they expect the brands they use to do the same. Understanding how our different audiences view sustainability allows us and brands to personalize our creative approach to better meet those views.”

Philadelphia’s Fewer Traces story will ultimately convey the following messages:

  • Fewer Traces of food waste: Inspiring Philadelphia lovers to reduce their food waste with recipes to help create delicious dishes with any food about to go to waste.
  • Fewer traces with our recipes: Proudly making the freshest Philadelphia cream cheese using mainly three key Ingredients - milk, cream and a pinch of salt.
  • Fewer traces in manufacturing: Working across manufacturing and distribution operations to reduce water waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Fewer traces of plastic: Using tubs that are already 100% recyclable and integrating increasingly more recycled plastic to save the equivalent of 500 million virgin plastic tubs by 2023.
  • Fewer traces in our teams: Creating an inclusive workplace where differences are valued.
  • Fewer traces on our farms: Working with our suppliers to implement always more sustainable farming practices that respect animal welfare.

Client - Mondelez – Philadelphia Europe

Senior Marketing Director: Vanessa Harrer

Strategy and Equity Lead: Derya Seyman

Innovation Manager: Margarida Florit

Equity Manager: Chiara Ziboni

Creative Agency – Ogilvy Paris

Presidents: Matthieu Elkaim, Emmanuel Ferry 

Chief Creative Officer: Matthieu Elkaim

Creative Director: Juana O Gorman

Artistic Director: Celine Mullier

Copywriter: Thibaut Fulin

Creative Lead Social Branding: Marylou Cappelli

Artistic Director (Motion) Social Lab: Benjamin Cottray

Global Strategic Partner: Pauline d’Albis-Desforges

Senior Strategic Planner: Catherine Sackville-Scott

Strategic Planner: Johanna Camenen Djian

Business Partner: Mélanie Marchand

Account Director: Kévin Martin

Account Executive: Camille Basset, Louise Baudoin

Production Consultant: Tobiasz Bartold 

Production Company – POP Studios 

Director: James Maciver

DOP: Fabien Peborde

Photographer: Geoffrey Mitre

Casting: Sandra Toussaint

Sound: Martin Herail / Prodigious

Production Lead Mondelez: Augustin de Teillac

Producer: Neyla Ben Hamouda

Production Manager: Laurent Canizzo

Post production Manager: Pierre-Antoine Yvon

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