Plastic Oceans International "Still available in the ocean"

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Myths about people on beaches finding plastic trash from discarded brands and products that no longer exist are more common these days. The principal reason behind this fact is that plastic can take 500 years to biodegrade in the ocean.

Fundación Meri and Plastic Oceans International partnered to get more awareness about this problem and help educate people to protect marine biodiversity from plastic pollution.

Advertising Agency: Berlín, Santiago, Chile

Ceo: Cristián Rojas
Creative Director: Nicolás Pérez
Head Of Art: Eugenio Spencer
Senior Art Director: Cristián Mugarra
Art Director: Esteban Calvo
Art Director: Jorge Henríquez
Art Director: Carlos Morales
Senior Copywriter: Patricio Orellana
Copywriter: Camila Pérez
Retoucher: Damián Balmaceda
Photographer: Gabriel Schkolnick
Photo Assistant: Alejandro Puig