Play-Doh is celebrating creativity in families

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Play-Doh, which is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year by championing creativity in families, is joining forces with the Museum of Modern Art in Paris to celebrate their re-opening with a new partnership that includes a film, children's activities and workshops, and a very special exhibit this June. The campaign film, created by Brand Station, launches online on May 31st.

On the occasion of the reopening of cultural venues, 

Play-Doh partners with the Museum of Modern Art in Paris to celebrate creativity within families, with Brand Station.

The iconic modeling clay brand Play-Doh celebrates its 65th anniversary this year and joins forces with the Museum of Modern Art in Paris to celebrate the reopening of cultural venues. Play-Doh and the MAM unveil a colorful partnership to encourage children and their parents to share family moments around art and creativity. 

The advertising agency Brand Station imagined this campaign for this particular anniversary. 

A digital film, directed by Samy Benama, Damien Guiol and Nicolas Massart and produced by Laetitia Neves and Vincent Massart, will be broadcasted from May 31st onwards on digital channels. You can watch it here: 

A one-of-a-kind campaign with the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. 

For the first time in the history of modeling clay, a work entirely made by four hands, between a father and his daughter, will be exhibited at the Musuem of Modern Art in Paris, among other renowned artists’ creations,  from June 4th to 6th. Through this symbolic campaign, Play-Doh wishes to show that the most beautiful works of art are those that we create together. 

Starting in September 2021, Play-Doh will support the MAM's educational workshop program for the youth. Throughout the year, these activities will be built around both the permanent collections and the temporary exhibitions. The workshops, adapted to all audiences, are designed for different age groups, in order to share curiosity for art in a playful way. The program can be found on the MAM’s website. 

By positioning itself as a patron of the Museum of Modern Art, Play-Doh gives a new resonance to its institutional message, which is to stimulate the creativity of young people, while supporting the museum in one of its fundamental missions: transmission. 

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