Ad Council "Keeping obesity out of childhood"

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Childhood obesity is a serious cause for concern in the United States. It puts children and adolescents under poor health and mental stress.

In the past three decades, childhood obesity has doubled in children and tripled in adolescents the cause of which is a lifestyle that excessively promotes high calorie, low-quality diet intake, and limited physical activity. 

This is not what childhood should be about. 

Childhood is all about innocence, hope and magic, where a storybook fantasy can come true. It is essential to retain that, which makes it important to create awareness about the cause. Therefore, we use storybook references like Hansel & Gretel, The Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf & The Princess and the Pea to create awareness for childhood obesity.

Advertised brand: Ad Council

Advert title(s): Keeping obesity out of childhood

Media: Print

Advertising School: Miami Ad School San Francisco + New York

Art Director: Aarti Thamma

Copywriter: Hannah Dezen

Published: April 2021