Aides: Make love Not war

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Until July 10th, the whole world will be flocking to France to be thrilled by football. Each day, hundrerds of thousands of people from dozens of different countries will celebrate the event, giving way to thousands of potential encounters. For AIDES, the message was immediate and obvious « blend together, safe together. »
By highlighting fraternity between people and countries, and celebrating all sexualities, AIDES stays true to its off-the-wall and provocative state of mind.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Paris, France

Account Handlers: Anne Vincent, Véronique Fourniotakis, Marion Floch, Mirella Ghil / Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie / Art Director : Olivier Mularski / Copywriter: David Philip
Art Buyer: Isabelle Jaubert / Print Producer: Laurence Collavini / Photographer: Eric Troaré / Body painter: Guido Daniele
Retouching studio: CHIC Paris