Jeep "Take The Wheel" by Miami Ad School

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Kindly note that this is STUDENT SPEC WORK and has not been commissioned by the brand.
The credits are as below:

Advert title: Take The Wheel
Campaign name: Take The Wheel
Media: Print
Industry: Automobile
Published: April, 2019
Market: Global
Language: English
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India 
Advertiser: Jeep
Brand: Jeep
Copywriter: Palak Kapadia
Art Directors: Ria Kulkarni, Saloni Doshi

Synopsis: Between the years 2010 and 2015, mainstream small SUV sales to women rose 34%, compared to a 22% increase for men, according to a Bloomberg report. However, SUVs aren’t marketed to them. Jeep wants to help change this. 
Modern women don’t want to sit next to the man while he drives. We make Jeep a celebration of young and adventurous women who go from a conference room to a mountaintop café  on a whim. These are women who know no bounds and neither should their vehicle.