Advertisements from: India

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Burger King TV / Film ads

Burger King Valentine's Day #LonelyNoMore

We've found the loneliest man in the world. And he's been right in front of us the whole time. Go...see more →

Zing Dark #BeWhatYouWantToBe
Zing Dark Print ads

Zing Dark #BeWhatYouWantToBe

Advertising Agency: Openspace Agency, Mumbai, India The five new fragrances of Zing Dark...see more →

Apollo Tyres TV / Film ads

Apollo Tyres "Bad Roads Go To Good Places" by Mindshare

Satish Sharma, president, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Apollo Tyres...see more →

LG G7 ThinQ "Hear to Fear"
LG Print ads

LG G7 ThinQ "Hear to Fear"

With Boombox Sound in LG G7 ThinQ that “increases the base sound level by more...see more →

LG "Dishwasher with Smart Rack"
LG Print ads

LG "Dishwasher with Smart Rack"

Be it a huge utensil or a huge load of dishes, LG Dishwasher is made to handle them all with its...see more →

Bon Ton "Start Trending This Summer"
Bon Ton Print ads

Bon Ton "Start Trending This Summer"

Start Trending This Summer Client: Bon Ton Advertising Agency: Seagull Advertising, Pune, India...see more →

Cadbury TV / Film ads

Cadbury Unity Bar, India's first chocolate with dark, blended, milk and white chocolate

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, India This Independence Day, let's celebrate a country that stands...see more →

Resam Shilpi "Get Lost in Silk"
Resam Shilpi Print ads

Resam Shilpi "Get Lost in Silk"

Get Lost in Silk Client: Resam Shilpi Advertising Agency: Genesis, Kolkata, India Creative...see more →

The Minds Foundation "INNER DEMONS"
The Minds Foundation Print ads

The Minds Foundation "INNER DEMONS"

In 2018, WHO labeled India as one of the ‘most depressed nations.’ Among all cases of depression,...see more →

ASTA English Language School
ASTA English Language School Outdoor ads

ASTA English Language School "silent letter"

In India, English medium education is a privilege which many can't afford at an early age. Most...see more →

Khalsa Aid "Hashtags don't heal" by DDB
Khalsa Aid Print ads

Khalsa Aid "Hashtags don't heal" by DDB

Hashtags don't heal. To make a real difference, log on on the more →

CRY "Child labour ends childhood"
CRY Print ads

CRY "Child labour ends childhood"

In India, about 33 million children between the ages of 5 and 18 years are subject to child labour...see more →

Lux "The Soap with a Lump"
Lux Ambient ads

Lux "The Soap with a Lump"

Checking your breasts is very important and is one of the first steps in creating breast cancer...see more →

Active Total Security Systems "Keeps An Eye Out When You Can't" by FCB
Active Total Security Systems Print ads

Active Total Security Systems "Keeps An Eye Out When You Can't" by FCB

Keeps An Eye Out When You Can't We created a campaign for ATSS (Active Total Security Systems) - a...see more →

Safe Road Fundation "unplug, while you're on the road"
Safe Road Fundation Outdoor ads

Safe Road Fundation "unplug, while you're on the road"

Client: Safe Road Foundation unplug, while you're on the road Observation - Nowadays many people...see more →

Adidas TV / Film ads

Adidas "#TheRealKashmir" by Cheil India

You think you've heard a lot about Kashmir. It is time you see #TheRealKashmir. The 2-minute spot...see more →

India Gate Online ads

India Gate "India Dega Aashirvad - For a Hunger Free India"

As Indians we take great pride in our traditions. Our culture and values are what define us, but...see more →

Dynamic India
Dynamic India Print ads

Dynamic India "Vote Responsibly" by Latitude

Thousands of Indian farmers commit suicide every year. You have the power to change the future....see more →

PETA advertisement
PETA Print ads

PETA: "No animal was harmed while eating this"

No animal was harmed while eating this. Go Vegan. Client: Peta Art Director: Tejas Phansekar...see more →

Glamour World "Too tiny to be game?"
Glamour World Outdoor ads

Glamour World "Too tiny to be game?"

Rocket oil is an aphrodisiac that helps men rise above their expectation and perform adequately. It...see more →

Selva Foods
Selva Foods Print ads

Selva Foods: "Packs a punch to your dish!"

Be it your favorite baingan masala, tomato rasam, or drumstick sambar, a spoonful of Selva veg...see more →

Kasturba Hospital
Kasturba Hospital Outdoor ads

Kasturba Hospital against obesity and fattiness

Client: Kasturba Hospital Stop feeding fat. Start eating right. Stop slurping fat. Start drinking...see more →

Kia Radio ads

Kia: "The power to surprise"

A tv commercial for Kia Motors made by Hungry Films, directed by Vijay Sawant,...see more →

Tattoo Removal Procedure
Chennai Plastic Surgery Print ads

Chennai Plastic Surgery: "Tattoo Removal Procedure" by TinyTall

# PRIDE Tattoo Removal Procedure Advertising Agency: TinyTall Creative, Chennai, India ...see more →

Exide Print ads


COLOURS CAN BE KILLERS. Stop throwing colours on moving vehicles. Play Holi responsibly....see more →

NEXA TV / Film ads

NEXA: Safety Shield, Space, Manoeuvre, Automatic, Comfort

Enjoy a peppy drive through your city in the comfortable #IGNIS. #CreateInspire #NEXA Enjoy...see more →

Post Prandial Hyperglycemia
Vogo Print ads

Vogo: "Post Prandial Hyperglycemia" by Peepal Tree

There is no treatment for an Indian's sweet tooth. Thankfully, there is a treatment for controlling...see more →

Sonrisas de Bombay: "Mumbai Smiles"
Sonrisas de Bombay Print ads

Sonrisas de Bombay: "Mumbai Smiles" by Caldas Naya

In India, more than 30% women are illiterate Do we have to come so far to get equal rights? In...see more →

Visa TV / Film ads

Visa: "Tap to pay with Visa. Just like that." by Isobar

Tap to the beat. Tap to the joy. Tap to the little things. Advertising Agency: Isobar, India...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung "Samsung Galaxy A7" by Cheil

Say Hello to the new GalaxyA7 powered by 6GB RAM, 128GB Memory and the revolutionary TripleCamera...see more →

Rosave A
Rosave A Print ads

Rosave A "Dual Protection, Offer Dual Protection" by Peepal Tree

Dual Protection, Offer Dual Protection ( Pre And Post Intervention ) To Your CV Risk Patients....see more →



For over eight decades, we at SEW-EURODRIVE have been heralding the future with the best of...see more →

Brown Apron: "Quality Meats"
Brown Apron Print ads

Brown Apron: "Quality Meats" by Origami Creative Concepts

Advertising Agency: Origami Creative Concepts, Bengaluru, India Creative Director / Copywriter:...see more →

Magik Lights: "Magically Long Lasting"
Magik Lights Print ads

Magik Lights: "Magically Long Lasting" by SoS Ideas

Magically Long Lasting Advertising Agency: SoS Ideas, Kolkata, India Creative Directors: Souvik...see more →

Reliance General Insurance: "What's Holi without the colour?" by Ogilvy
Reliance General Insurance Print ads

Reliance General Insurance: "What's Holi without the colour?" by Ogilvy

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Mumbai, India Account Management: Radhika Seth, Juhi Chittoria / ...see more →

Supra Pens
Supra Pens Print ads

Supra Pens: "#learnbeyondgrades" by Monkey Wrench

Advertising Agency: Monkey Wrench, India Creative Director / Art Director: Ashis Mridha Associate...see more →

Brown Apron: 100% Boneless
Brown Apron Print ads

Brown Apron: 100% Boneless

100% Boneless Mutton 100% Boneless Chicken Advertising Agency: Origami Creative...see more →

Organ India: Life is a gift. Be an organ donor.
Organ India Print ads

Organ India: Life is a gift. Be an organ donor.

Life is a gift. Be an organ donor. With more than 5,00,000 people dying every year due to non-...see more →

Vodafone TV / Film ads

Vodafone - Pugs are back!

Pugs are back! We are #StrongerTogether, now and forever, with Vodafone SuperNet 4G, the Data...see more →

Bajaj TV / Film ads

Bajaj Brahmi Amla Oil with Drashti Dhami

Bajaj Brahmi Amla Oil with Drashti Dhami Client : Bajaj Agency: Mullen Lintas,...see more →