Khalsa Aid "Hashtags don't heal" by DDB

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Hashtags don't heal. To make a real difference, log on on the

Being one of the worst humanitarian crises of our times, the Syrian conflict has received worldwide attention. Since 2011, social media has been flooded with millions of posts and hashtags supporting Syrian refugees, condemning those responsible for it and urging the ones in power to act. 

But while the support has been widespread, it isn’t wholehearted and stops at being lip-service. What Syria needs isn’t a place in thoughts and prayers and slacktivism in the form of a million more hashtags, it needs urgent humanitarian aid for over 13.1 million Syrians. 

It needs shelter for over 5.6 million Syrians who've been displaced from their homes. 

Simply put, it needs the world to stop posting and hashtag-ing about Syria and make a real difference by donating.

Advertising Agency: Ddb Mudra, Mumbai, India

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