McDonald's "24hs service" by TBWA

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Image advertising:

To communicate that McDonald's has 24hs service we did a visual synthesis where we showed the time-lapse of a night through a long exposure photograph of a full starred sky with a Mc Donald's restaurant in front of it.

Advertising Agency: Cámara TBWA, Montevideo, Uruguay

Creative Director: Chris Garbutt, Gabriel Lista, Diego Varela, Germán Ferrés
Art Director: Marjorie Vardo, Carolina Faget, Lucía Echeverrigaray
Copywriter: Carolina Faget, Lucía Echeverrigaray
Photographer: Franck Bohbot
Director Of Art Production: Teresa Rad
Retouching: DFactory
Client Approval: Guillerme Coe, Lucas Fernández, Luciana Pasos