Nasacort Allergy "Take back your nose"

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Take back your nose.

Those who experience allergies know that when symptoms strike, they can be overwhelming. Nasacort Allergy addresses this with a vaporizer that specifically targets nasal symptoms. Within the allergy sector, competition is fierce.

To distinguish ourselves and strengthen awareness, we wanted to demonstrate compassion for the target. Their situation is often minimized by people who don’t suffer from allergies themselves. Our situations illustrate how your nose can feel when it’s being held prisoner. By broadcasting the ads during peak allergy season, our metaphorical visual language speaks directly to our target and offers a way for them to take back their nose.

Advertising Agency: TAXI, Montréal, Canada

Creative Director: George Giampuranis
Art Director: Nicolas Baillargeon
Copywriter: Dave Fontaine
Photographers: Martin Flamand, Rodolphe Beaulieu Poulin
Production House: Le Quartier
Strategy: Rafik Belmesk, Julia Belouis
Account Services: Antoine Creidi, Fanny Vuattoux
Producer: Geneviève Boyer