Advertisements from: Canada

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Heinz TV / Film ads

Heinz "Heinz Pour Perfect Bottle"

The smack, the shake, the roll, or maybe a butter knife? What’s the best way to get Heinz ketchup...see more →

BMO TV / Film ads

BMO "Jersey Swap" by FCB

BMO, a proud sponsor of the MLS Montreal Impact, wanted to give back to the soccer community. We...see more →

IKEA "gift for champions"
IKEA Online ads

IKEA "gift for champions"

After the Toronto Raptors basketball team won the NBA, the residents were ready to give anything to...see more →

Daniel Gagnon "Speed reading"
Daniel Gagnon Print ads

Daniel Gagnon "Speed reading"

Speed reading Advertising Agency: Havas Montreal, Canada Client: Daniel Gagnon Vp Creative...see more →

Womanizer Outdoor ads

Womanizer "Scream Your Own Name"

Scream Your Own Name Advertising Agency: The Garden, Toronto, Canada Creative Director: Shane...see more →

Don't suck the life from our oceans
Greenpeace Print ads

Greenpeace: "Don't suck the life from our oceans" by Rethink

Don't suck the life from our oceans. Advertising Agency: Rethink, Toronto, Canada Creative...see more →

Fondation Emergence: "(S)He deserves respect" by Lg2
Fondation Emergence Print ads

Fondation Emergence: "(S)He deserves respect" by Lg2

(S)He deserves respect Advertising Agency: LG2, Montreal, Canada Art Director / Copywriter: J-C...see more →

Legoland: "Building parents' imaginations since 1932" by Brad
Lego Print ads

Legoland: "Building parents' imaginations since 1932" by Brad

Brilliant! Don't tell me... It's a Cyclops Family... On a party boat? Oh, thank you...for This...see more →

Kia: "Keep your eyes on the road." by Innocean
Kia Print ads

Kia: "Keep your eyes on the road." by Innocean

React to the road, not your social channels. Keep your eyes on the road. Advertising Agency:...see more →

McDonald's TV / Film ads

McDonald's: "BMxB Limited Edition Collaboration" by Cossette

The combination of two icons. A product of culture. A beacon of courage. The Big Mac x Bacon...see more →

Canadian Tire TV / Film ads

Canadian Tire: "We all play for Canada" by Leo Burnett

1. When we play for one another, we all win. Because in this country, we all play for something...see more →

The Lifesaving Society TV / Film ads

The Lifesaving Society: "You Bring It. Wear It." by Lg2

Advertising Agency: lg2, Montreal, Canada Vice-President, Creative: Marc Fortin Creative Direction...see more →

WWF Print ads

WWF: "Don't let garbage replace wildlife" by Traffik

Advertising Agency: Traffik, Toronto, Canada Creative Director: Chris Davies / Art Director: Craig...see more →

Year of the Dog
Canada Post Corporation Print ads

Canada Post Corporation - Year of the Dog

“The lantern is such a quintessential symbol of the Lunar New Year celebrations. We wanted it to...see more →

Handicap International TV / Film ads

Handicap International - Humanity and Inclusion Lifeline

Advertising Agency: Cossette, Canada Advertiser: Humanity & Inclusion (Handicap International)...see more →

Huggies Ambient ads

Huggies - Behind the Door

When a baby is born in withdrawal, they are kept in quiet dark rooms to help them recover. Take a...see more →

NatGoYoga - See the yoga side of life
NatGoYoga Print ads

NatGoYoga - See the yoga side of life

See the yoga side of life Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge,...see more →

Stay in the shadows. With our 52 marking points.
Sherlock Print ads

Sherlock - Stay in the shadows

Stay in the shadows. With our 52 marking points. Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montreal,...see more →

Les Producteurs de lait du Québec
Les Producteurs de lait du Québec Print ads

Les Producteurs de lait du Québec - Recharge. Restart.

Advertising Agency: Lg2, Montréal, Canada Creative Director:Francois Sauve Art Directors:Patrick...see more →

Save trees. Learn English.
Berlitz Print ads

Berlitz: "Save trees. Learn English." by Rethink

Save trees. Learn English. Advertising Agency: Rethink, Montreal, Canada National Creative...see more →

Burger King
Burger King Print ads

Burger King: "Pour tous les oiseaux denuit" by Corida

Advertising Agency: Corida, Lamentin, Martinique Creative Director: Bernard Royer...see more →

Interac Outdoor ads

Interac "Own Your World" by Zulu Alpha Kilo

Client: Interac Advertising Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto, Canada Chief Creative Officer: Zak...see more →

Harley-Davidson Outdoor ads

Harley-Davidson "Common Ground" by Zulu Alpha Kilo

A Harley-Davidson Canada Film Common Ground On Our 100th Anniversary Riders Around The World Tell...see more →

Esurance TV / Film ads

Election Insurance

With 28% of voters considering a move to Canada should the “wrong" candidate win the presidency,...see more →

Boursorama TV / Film ads

Boursorama Banque: the bank that lets you avoid the bank!

Boursorama Banque is a pioneering provider of 100% mobile banking. Today, the brand is taking its...see more →

Harlequin books
Harlequin Print ads

Harlequin books: Whatever you're into

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Toronto, Canada Executive Creative Directors: Denise...see more →

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed
Ubisoft Print ads

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed

Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montreal, Canada Creative Director: Jonathan Rouxel Art...see more →

Mitsubishi: Heated wipers
Mitsubishi Print ads

Mitsubishi: Heated wipers

Advertising Agency: John St., Montreal, Canada Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic,...see more →

Amnesty International
Amnesty International Print ads

Amnesty International: in the name of

Advertising Agency: Cossette, Montreal, Canada Chief creative officer: Antoine Bécotte Creative...see more →

McDonald's Online ads

McDonald's: The Secret Secret Menu Challenge Denial Video

McDonald’s Canada’s Non-Communications Director explains what you should already know: There is no...see more →

KIA Canada
Kia Print ads

KIA Canada: Happy Diwali from our family to yours.

Happy Diwali from our family to yours. Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide Canada, Toronto,...see more →

Kia Online ads

Kia Canada April Fools

Interested in some actual product innovations? Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide, Canada...see more →

McDonald's ads
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's: the rise of an Egg McMuffin

This digital billboard pulled real-time data to synchronize the rise of an Egg McMuffin with the...see more →

MIRA Foundation TV / Film ads

Mira: Déjouer l'Autisme

Cette création a été développée bénévolement par Publicis et produite par les artisans du milieu de...see more →

Jeep ads
Jeep Print ads

Jeep: painting and mirrors

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Montreal, Canada Creative Director: Nicolas Massey / Art Director: ...see more →

Go RVing Canada TV / Film ads

Go RVing Canada: Let your kids be kids

Let your kids be kids. GoRVing. Give your kids a childhood they'll always remember...see more →

Canadian Cancer Society TV / Film ads

Canadian Cancer Society: Operating Room - end the flavour

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Toronto, Canada Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris...see more →

Canadian Cancer Society print ads
Canadian Cancer Society TV / Film ads

Canadian Cancer Society: Lung cancer, Stomach cancer & Liver cancer

Lung cancer, now available in strawberry. Stomach cancer, now available in watermelon. Liver...see more →

Toronto Humane Society print ads
Toronto Humane Society Print ads

Toronto Humane Society: The world's first puppy subscription service.

The world's first puppy subscription service. Advertising Agency: Grip Limited, Canada Creative...see more →

BMO TV / Film ads

BMO Bank Of Montreal: DinnerParty & LemonadeStand

Client: BMO Bank Of Montreal Advertising Agency: kbs+, Toronto, Canada Creative Director: Ian...see more →