Session "Touch your new body"

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Headline and copy text: Touch your new body. Session is a personal nutrition and training program guided by a coach willing to give 100% to help you meet your physical health goals.

Advert title: Touch your new body
Campaign name: The Fit Poster
Media: Print / Experiment
Industry: Health and wellness
Published:20 / 5 / 2020
Market: Costa Rica
Language: Spanish

Agency: Gitanos
Advertiser: Session

Brand: Session
Creative Director: Daniel Montiel / Cindy Montero
Art Director: Daniel Montiel
Copywriter: Cindy Montero

"The fittest poster in the world. Session is a nutrition program accompanied by personalized training and guided by a coach that helps people achieve their physical health goals. We create a poster with relive through an embossing process to communicate the benefits and REAL RESULTS that can be obtained with the personalized program."