Viagem e Turismo "Destinations"

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Viagem e Turismo Travel website merges destinations in a new campaign

Created by Z+ HAVAS, the posters bring a mix of scenarios
The new campaign "Destinations" created by the Z+ HAVAS agency for the Viagem e Turismo Travel website brings posters that fuse images from different scenarios around the world. To draw attention to the diversity of content and travel information that can be found in the magazine portal, the agency worked on the aesthetics of the images in a way that visually translated the concept of the campaign, bringing different destinations to the same place.
"The campaign reveals visually what the travel magazine has to offer: different destinations in one place. The choice of photos, the combination of the images and the angles were vital to creating engaging and exciting visuals," explains Alexandre Vilela (Xã), CCO of Z + Havas.
The pieces produced by the agency combine destinations such as San Francisco (USA) and Toronto (Canada), London (England) and Venice (Italy), and New York (USA) and Niagara Falls (Canada/USA).


Agency: Z+ HAVAS

Title: Destinations

Product: Viagem e Turismo Travel Magazine

Client: Editora Abril
CCO (Chief Creative Officer): Alexandre Vilela (Xã)
Creative directors: Alexandre Vilela (Xã), Celio Salles and Tarso Soares
Art director: Juliano de Almeida
Copywriter: Tiago Moralles
General Media Director: Rodney Ulrich
Media Director: João Sobrinho
Production Director: Diego Melo
Art Buyer: Beatriz Rossi
Print production: Carlos Vieira
Image treatment: Adilson "Peixe" Verçosa and Muhammad "Thezairul" Zairul
Image Treatment Studio: Thezairul
Image Archives: Unsplash and Getty Images
Photographers: Filip Mroz, Simon Zhu, Luke Stackpoole, Kevin Boutwell, Andre Benz and Yalin Kaya
Client approval: Andrea Abelleira, Fernanda Cazés