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Dagoma TV / Film ads

Dagoma ", the toy repair platform!"

Every year, more than 40 million toys are thrown in France. They can't be fixed: spare parts do not...see more →

LinkedIn TV / Film ads

LinkedIn "What are you searching for? | #InItTogether"

Client: LinkedIn Advertising Agency: BMB, UK What are you searching for in your next job? Search...see more →

Lineman "Food Delivery"
Lineman Print ads

Lineman "Food Delivery"

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Thailand Executive Creative Director: Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke Art...see more →

Supercuts TV / Film ads

Supercuts "Bald Spokesman"

You know him, especially for his role in House of Cards alongside Kevin Spacey, as cold and immoral...see more →

Sekron Digital "If they need it, you need it"
Sekron Digital Print ads

Sekron Digital "If they need it, you need it"

Real footage of the most well-guarded or armed places on earth proves one point: even they need a...see more →

Active Total Security Systems "Keeps An Eye Out When You Can't" by FCB
Active Total Security Systems Print ads

Active Total Security Systems "Keeps An Eye Out When You Can't" by FCB

Keeps An Eye Out When You Can't We created a campaign for ATSS (Active Total Security Systems) - a...see more →

Prosegur "Data needs to be well protected too"
Prosegur Print ads

Prosegur "Data needs to be well protected too"

Client: Prosegur Cybersecurity Data needs to be well protected too. Advertising Agency: Don,...see more →

Satelital "The safest part of your trip"
Satelital Print ads

Satelital "The safest part of your trip"

Client: Satelital Advertising Agency: Olístico, Lima, Peru Chief Creative Officer: Miguel Ormeno...see more →

Joint Mobotix Security Cameras
Joint Print ads

Joint Mobotix Security Cameras "What your eyes can't see, our cameras do."

What your eyes can't see, our cameras do. Smart Security Cameras - Mobotix. Advertising Agency:...see more →

JB Restaurant Direct Marketing ads

JB Restaurant "The JB Restaurant Book" by Futura DDB

Futura DDB and JB Restaurant created a book that truly captures the authentic spirit of the...see more →

Unimed Cariri
Unimed Cariri Print ads

Unimed Cariri "When your child needs health care, do not choose the time."

When your child needs health care, do not choose the time. Print created for NAS institutional...see more →

Stem Flowers
Stem Flowers Print ads

Stem Flowers: "When you don't want to be there." by DDB

When you don't want to be there. Client: Stem Flowers Advertising Agency: DDB Latina, San...see more →

Protege Group
Protege Group Print ads

Protege Group "Protege Cargo Protection" by Full Jazz

The Driver keeps his eyes on the road and us on your cargo. Doesn't matter the destination, your...see more →

Airtasker TV / Film ads

Airtasker: "The best person for the job isn't always who you think" by VICE

The Best Person For the Job Isn’t Always Who You Think Airtasker brand lead Alexandra Tully: “Not...see more →

DHL: "Recovering Our Past"
DHL Print ads

DHL: "Recovering Our Past" by Dlb Group

Recovering our past, delivering our future. Advertising Agency: DLB Group,...see more →

LEGENDA TV / Film ads

LEGENDA: "Corridor + Bedroom + Living room + Kids room" by Possible

Advertising Agency: Possible, Moscow, Russia Creative Director: Artem Filimonov...see more →

Ramboll Outdoor ads

Ramboll: "Engineering for Life" by Garbergs

We equipped this billboard ad with a hidden bird feeding machine. Why? Because we always strive to...see more →

OTOLab: "Pediatric Lab"
OTOLab Print ads

OTOLab: "Pediatric Lab"

Pediatric Lab Advertising Agency: Delantero Comunicação, Fortaleza, Brazil Executive Creative...see more →

UMD Urgent Care: "We're also around the corner" by Area 23
UMD Urgent Care Print ads

UMD Urgent Care: "We're also around the corner" by Area 23

We're also around the corner Advertising Agency: Area 23, New York, USA Executive Creative...see more →

The One Club TV / Film ads

The One Club: "turn passion into profession" by Serviceplan

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany see more →

Postmates: "We get it" 180LA
Postmates Online ads

Postmates: "We get it" 180LA

When your craft service comes with neither craft nor service. We get it. You want pad see ew...see more →

Rokujigen: "Kintsugi Pieces in Harmony " by BBDO
Rokujigen Print ads

Rokujigen: "Kintsugi Pieces in Harmony " by BBDO

PROBLEM: When someone breaks a piece of pottery they love, they will try to repair...see more →

StreetEasy: "Find Your Place" by Office of Baby
StreetEasy Outdoor ads

StreetEasy: "Find Your Place" by Office of Baby

Advertising Agency: Office of Baby, New York, USA see more →

The Lifesaving Society TV / Film ads

The Lifesaving Society: "You Bring It. Wear It." by Lg2

Advertising Agency: lg2, Montreal, Canada Vice-President, Creative: Marc Fortin Creative Direction...see more →

GolfNow TV / Film ads

GolfNow ad campaign by The Martin Agency

1. This guy decided to play golf after he raked the leaves. Eight years later, he’s wishing he...see more →

Year of the Dog
Canada Post Corporation Print ads

Canada Post Corporation - Year of the Dog

“The lantern is such a quintessential symbol of the Lunar New Year celebrations. We wanted it to...see more →

NEON - Health Scares Fear Us
NEON Print ads

NEON - Health Scares Fear Us

Health Scares Fear Us Advertising Agency: NEON, New York, USA Creative Director: Kevin McHale Art...see more →

City of Los Angeles is now hiring Graphics Designer
City of Los Angeles Online ads

City of Los Angeles is now hiring Graphics Designer-goes viral

Graphics Designer job ad goes viral. A humorous but sensational job advertisement by the city of...see more →

Mint Vinetu
Mint Vinetu Print ads

Mint Vinetu: Ernest Hemingway William Shakespeare Mark Twain

Advertising Agency: New! Creative Agency, Lithuania, Vilnius Creative Director: Tomas Ramanauskas...see more →

Albert Dali Naming Consultants
Albert Dali Naming Consultants Print ads

Albert Dali Naming Consultants: Easy Peasy

Brand: Albert Dali Naming Consultants Campaign Title: "Easy Peasy" Ad Agency: Lucifer Labs, Chennai...see more →

Art Directors Club TV / Film ads

Art Directors Club - Cousins - Sex Toy - Selfie

"Rare For a Reason" is the theme for the ADC 95th Annual Awards — the world's longest continuously...see more →

Orinter Tour & Travel: You will have only nice things
Orinter Tour & Travel Print ads

Orinter Tour & Travel: You will have only nice things

You will have only nice things to talk about your vacantions. Advertising Agency: Monumenta,...see more →

Monster Print ads

Monster: Thousands of others

Advertising School: Miami Ad School/ESPM, USA Creative Director: Erico Braga Art Director: Luan...see more →

Relish Ambient ads

Relish: Hidden Costs

Would you pay London’s Hidden Charges? This December, Relish took to the streets of London armed...see more →

I Got Creative
I Got Creative Print ads

I Got Creative: every idea has its director

Advertising Agency: Freestyle, USA Executive Creative Director: Diego Castillo / Creative...see more →

Climatempo Weather Forecast
Climatempo Print ads

Climatempo Weather Forecast. Check before doing anything.

Client: Climatempo The rain stops. The anger doesn't. Climatempo Weather Forecast. Check before...see more →

Big Yellow
Big Yellow Print ads

Big Yellow: Big does small

Big does small. Advertising Agency: Chi & Partners, London, United Kingdom Creative Director:...see more →

Welti-Furrer: Art Transports
Welti-Furrer Print ads

Welti-Furrer: Art Transports

Advertising Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland Creative Directors:Danielle Lanz, Markus Ruf / ...see more →

GrubHub TV / Film ads

GrubHub: Because Burrito! & Wrong Order

1. In this delightful Super Bowl ad, a wily, flying burrito takes a crack at teaching people a very...see more →

Wix TV / Film ads

Wix: It's that easy - Big Game presents the full length version of our big game ad! It’s life after football for Brett...see more →