Itaú Uniclass Inspires Customers to Reach Their Goals with Sylvester Stallone and Marcos Mion

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Itaú Uniclass, the premium segment of Itaú Unibanco, has launched a new positioning campaign that aims to motivate its customers to achieve their dreams and aspirations. The campaign features a film starring Brazilian presenter Marcos Mion and his idol, Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone.

The film, created by, shows Mion climbing the famous steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where Stallone filmed one of the most iconic scenes of his Rocky Balboa character. As Mion reaches the top, he is surprised by Stallone, who gives him a pep talk and encourages him to keep going.

The film is based on the idea that Itaú Uniclass is the bank that supports its customers throughout their journey of growth and success. The bank offers personalized solutions, such as credit lines, investment advice, exclusive benefits, and a team of dedicated managers and specialists.

The campaign includes outdoor media, digital activations, and social media content. One of the highlights is a special piece designed by Vitrine,'s business hub, specializing in outdoor media, that transforms a staircase into a symbol of achievement.

The campaign reflects Itaú Uniclass's commitment to its customers and its vision of being a bank that helps them reach their goals. As Eduardo Tracanella, CMO of Itaú Unibanco, says: "The brand Itaú Uniclass is very strong and has built, over time, a deep identification with our clients. With the development of our value proposition, the opportunity of telling an awe-inspiring and contemporaneous story about the new Itaú Uniclass became crystal clear."

The film has already received positive feedback from the public and the media. Mion shared his excitement about working with Stallone on his Instagram account, where he has over 20 million followers. He said: "I can't believe I'm living this moment. I'm speechless. Thank you, Itaú Uniclass, for making this dream come true."

Stallone also expressed his admiration for Mion and his enthusiasm for the campaign. He said, "Marcos is a great, talented, and charismatic guy. I'm glad to be part of this project with him and Itaú Uniclass. It's a message that resonates with me and with everyone who has a dream."

The campaign is expected to run until the year's end and reach millions across Brazil. It is part of Itaú Uniclass's strategy to strengthen its customer relationship and position itself as a bank that inspires them to make it to the top.


Titles:  Staircase  
Length: 60”, 45” (Spin Off) and 30” 
Client:  Itaú Unibanco S.A. 
Product: Institutional 
Campaign: Itaú Uniclass 
CCO: Rafael Urenha  
Creative Executive Director: Phil Daijó and Rafael Caldeira 
Creative Director: Caio Milanesi, Bruno Zampoli and Arthur Lobão 

ACD: Mario Cintra 
Creation: Rafael Urenha, Phil Daijó, Mario Cintra, Bruno Zampoli and João Batista 

Social Creation: Gabriel Rosatti, Cristal Crocker, João Capusso and Tawane Silva 

Account: Ana Coutinho, Denise Vieira, Nathalia Chaves, Vanessa Bortolosso, Gabriela Oyas and Lucas Freitas 
Client Approval: Eduardo Tracanella, Thaiza Akemi, Natalia Barreira, Caroline Pintarelli, Giovana Salles and Renato Stefani 

Media: Paulo Ilha, Sofia Raucci, Eric Zanelli, Pedro Santana, Marcella Gama, Ana Júlia Crivellaro, Thiago Rodrigues, Ana Carvalho, Gabrielle Rodrigues and Leonardo Santos 
Strategy: Carol Mello, Márcio Rodrigues, Marcela Leal, Bianca Moura, Mariana Sena, Laura Loh, Vitória Barros and Ariane Carmo 
PR: Patricia Capuchinho, Mariana Novaes and Fernanda Gil 
Social and influence: Juliana Romano, Natalia Lessa, Thiago Almeida, Barbara Rossi e Nathalia Imamura 
Data e Technology: Guido Sarti, Marcelo Azevedo, Patrícia Garcia, Geovana Lucena, Yuri Rebêlo and Edvan Neves 
Projects: Daniel Martins, Marione Oliveira, Ana Martins e Nathalia Santos 

Graphic and Digital Production Direction: Marcos Moura 
Artbuyer: Andrea Soeiro and Bruna Costa 
Graphic Production: Durval Brum 
Digital Production: Géssica Sales and Natássia Santoro 
Finish Coordination: Pablo Felix 

Image treatment: Cesar Bonfim and Marcelo Reis 
Proofreading: Teresa Montes  

Legal: Rosimeire Brito and Isabelle Versannio 

Integrated Production: Ducha Lopes, Matheus Thiago, Fábio Truci, Beatriz Brandão, Priscila Sanches, Ana Ananias and Renata Silva 
Image Producer: Saigon Filmes 

Director: Vellas 

Executive Producers: Marcelo Altschuler and Carol Pessini 

Head of Sales and Strategy: Victória Scaff 

Account: Bruna Chamlian, Giovanna Saad, Patricia Aguiar and Karin Diniz 

Production Coordination: Katiucia Soares and Thalita Machado 

Photography Direction: Agustin Claramunt 

Still Photographer: John Schoenfeld 

Production Service: Home Production Services, Inc - Karin Stuckenschmidt, Robyn Bensinger 

Direction Assitant: Flavio Lanfredi 

Glam Team Mr Stallone - Wardrobe: Young-Ah Kim 

Glam Team Mr Stallone - Groomer: Jason Lindow 

Glam Team Marcos Mion - Wardrobe: Heloysa Filippo 

Glam Team Marcos Mion - Groomer: Lee Cado 

Talent hiring: Platinum Brasil 

Music Licensing and Intellectual Ownership: Platinum Brasil 


Sound Producer: Satélite Áudio 

Music Direction: Roberto Coelho, Kito Siqueira and Hurso Ambrifi 

Account: Fernanda Costa, Renata Schincariol e Daniel Chasin 

Music Production: Roberto Coelho, Hurso Ambrifi, Charly Coombes, Thiago Colli, Koitty and Pedro Motta 

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Finish: Carla Cornea, Vithor Moraes, Arthur Dossa and Iran Ribas 

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Production Coordination: Camila Guedes, Letícia Oliveira, Bea Vieira Mariana Tardelli 


Post-production house: FRAME 

Montage: Rami D'Aguiar, Tomás Pastén 

Making Off: Gabriel Barbosa 

Post-production coordinator: Wilson Fernandes 

Finish: Marília Ramos 

Composers: André Toma, Renan Ambrósio, Eduardo Rios Andrade and Caique Veloso 

Motion: Ebson Clarindo 

Color: Sergio Pasqualino

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