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Today marks the beginning of a second, much larger wave of media coverage surrounding the launch of the used car exchange SPOTICAR in Germany, which began four months ago. The middle of February saw the launch of a marketing campaign with the tagline "Used. Guaranteed. Bought" in Germany. Stellantis label's 15-second spot will continue airing on private TV channels until July 10 as part of the ongoing national advertising campaign accompanied by many digital measures.

Stellantis's director of used cars, Harald Koch, said, "The results from the first media wave show that we were able to increase the number of visits to our website significantly." Social media aided the spread of this trend. The SPOTICAR brand is active on the social media sites Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The current campaign's goal is to increase awareness of the new, used car label and its website,, in Germany.

Stellantis has built an opportunity for expansion in the lucrative used car market with its SPOTICAR offer. Over the past few years, SPOTICAR has been adopted by a growing network of business partners representing over 680 locations.

While SPOTICAR was initially launched within the Groupe PSA, it will soon be extended to the brands formerly owned by the FCA Group. Because of this, the label is the Stellantis group's primary certified pre-owned vehicle program (excluding premium brands). As a result, it will ultimately replace "Jeep selected 4 you," "Citroen Select," "Peugeot quality used cars," "Opel Certified Used Cars," and other similar used car portals.

In addition to a unified marketing strategy and a customer-centric, high-performance online sales platform, participating dealers in the used car exchange receive a Europe-wide label with a premium claim ( ). Moreover, significant streamlining of the organization will yield substantial synergies, particularly at multi-brand locations. This results in the best selection of goods and services for individual consumers.

Compared to the competition, the SPOTICAR promises a vehicle guarantee of up to 24 months with unlimited kilometers.

Stellantis's used car division in Germany is a crucial part of the company. The company sold over 55,000 used vehicles in 2021.

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