Transavia Airlines "Les Boules à Soleil"

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Who hasn't dreamed of being offered a trip for Christmas? This year, budget airline Transavia and its agency Marcel are proposing an offbeat gift full of surprises to put under the tree: Les Boules à Soleil.

Above all, the concept is based on an object and the imagination it conveys: snow globes. Transavia will transform this old-fashioned object into... return plane tickets for 2 people to sunny destinations for only 169€.

Each snow globe represents a sunny Transavia destination, as depicted by a prominent monument: the Parthenon in Athens, the Coliseum in Rome, or Lisbon's iconic yellow tramway. Under the Christmas tree, the kitschy snow globe has never looked better.

Transavia's sun balls guarantee a location to suit everyone, whether you enjoy cultural excursions, parties, or gastronomy: Rome, Athens, Madrid, Lisbon, Marrakech, and Porto are all just a click away.

Chief Commercial Officer: Nicolas Henin
Marketing & Communications Director: Cécile Nomdedeu
Influence & Social Media Manager: Elif Utku
Media & Advertising Manager: Constance Picaud

Co-Chairmen: Pascal Nessim & Charles Georges-Picot
Chief Creative Officers: Youri Guerassimov & Gaëtan du Peloux
Managing Director: Blandine Mercier
Creative Directors: Jérémie Bottiau & Julien Simons
Copywriter: Benoit Vangilve
Art Director: Eva Sgarro 
Digital Creative Director: Eulalia Bartolomeu
Digital Art Director: Coline Vedrenne
Social Media Creative: Mathieu Borza   
Strategic Planning co-Director: Léoda Esteve
Associate Director: Alexandre Guillot
Account Director: Fanny Cammas
Account Manager:  Romane Drosdziok 
Project Manager:  Elena Graffeuille

Photographer: Geoffrey Mitre
Producer: Marc-Antoine Riou
Head of Production: Matthieu Descamps Assistante de Production : Margaux Lefevre
Image: Emmanuel Malherbe
Set Design: Frédéric Caselas
Control Room: Olivier Banet
Post-Production: Prodigious
Post-Producers: Frédéric Lubin / Nathalie Depas
Edit: Nicolas Larrouquere
Color Grading : Bertrand Duval
Graphist: Paul Creze
Sound Production: Prodigious
Sound Producer & Director: Remy Dorne
Sound Engineer: Jean-Jacques Hubert