Demet Evgar is exploring Lay's potato fields "Bizim Patates, Our Lay's"

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One of the food brands of PepsiCo, one of the world's leading food and beverage companies, Lay's made a tv commercial with Demet Evgar. In the fun tv commercial, Demet Evgar, while exploring Lay's potato fields, his vehicle breaks down and meets Fatma Teyze, one of Lay's potato producers, who goes to the field with his tractor. Continuing his journey with Fatma Teyze, the successful player discovers that the potatoes collected from the field to enter Lay's packages are carefully grown.

"Bizim Patates, Our Lay's" advertising campaign, which makes its viewers feel the fragrance of fresh potatoes and Lay's fields, bears the signature of Kala Film. Cemal Alpan is in the director's chair of the tv commercial.

Advertiser: Lay's

Advertiser Representatives: Osman Dilber, Onur Sanverdi, Onat Şenkal, Yaprak Ağca Sevindik, Ezgi Özer, Naz Peker

Advertiser Production Consultant: Sena Alpsan

Advertising Agency: Titrifikir

Creative Team Leaders: Oğuzhan Dilek, Umut Esin

Creative Team: Çağrı Yıldırım, Eylül Ergin

Brand Team: Dilek Sezen, Cansu Balcı, Fatih Uçak

Strategic Planning Team: Kerem Sabuncu, Merve Oyunargül, Aysu Abdula

Agency Producer: Tuğse Gökhan

Production Company: Kala Film

Post Production: 1000 Volt

Director: Cemal Alphan

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